Writing skills – learning how to write properly


Doing business writing tried, perhaps, everybody, those who are in school had to write essays, statements, reports and essays. But whether you are now ready to try to write an interesting article, a long letter with a business proposal, not to mention the whole book? If you read this article, you certainly would like to improve writing skills: the ability to easily create beautiful literate lyrics.


For most people, the writing of even small text is difficult. These difficulties may be of a different nature. For example, one person banal has not enough desire and willpower to just sit down and start writing something. Another wanted to be, but it is difficult to determine the topic or find the right words. The third one can to write a lot, but then notes that in its text many mistakes.


All these problems have less to do with our innate abilities than with the knowledge and skills that we instilled by parents, teachers and educators. Unfortunately, in schools and universities are rarely present objects or classes in which at least to some extent, explains how to learn how to write.
This article gathered the best advices to help novice writers.


What is the writer’s skill?


Writing skills (writing, copywriting, literary work) – is the activity of man to create a verbal works intended for reading other people.


A novelist, writer, author or writer – is a person who is engaged in writing activities.


Writing abilities to varying degrees, have all people who know how to write with a pen or typing on a computer. Naturally, each of these capabilities are evolve to a different extent. Still, not everyone is a writer. A real writer is a person who can write a good text, interesting for the readers.


Use of writing skills


The ability to write beautifully, logically and correctly is a skill useful to almost everyone today. Every day we write letters, communicate with colleagues and friends via email and social networks. In their messages, we express our thoughts turn to the addressee requesting or describe some events. Competent written language in this case can serve as a great help in career development and business relations.


But writing is useful not only for work, career, business, and communicate with people, it is necessary for those who want to share their thoughts with the community through the creation of literary works. To this author’s writing, to some extent – it is the way to immortality of the human name, a way to avoid forgetting. From the skill and talent of the writer it depends on how long it will live works and how long it will remain in the memory of readers. And although today the pen write very rarely, in fact, not so much written as print, still the best works written for a long time become the property of society.


And even if you don’t plan to become famous by your works, a writing may be useful to you personally. For example, you can keep a diary and reflect it in their interesting ideas, it will help bring order to the head, to structure the important ideas, plans and challenges ahead.


How to learn to write?


Creative Writing is a complex skill, consisting of a variety of knowledge and skills. Firstly, in order to become a real writer, it is important to be sufficiently educated and diversified human. At a minimum, you must be clear about what you want to tell readers and why it’s important and useful for them. Secondly, you can not do without motivation and a strong desire to create a new work, because a writer’s work requires a lot of time and effort. Are you ready for this? Third, you must know the rules of the language, or in other words, the rules of writing that will bring your ideas to the readers most lucidly.


Among the most relevant attributes, which will help you to become a good writer, you can highlight the following:


– Erudition and education, good upbringing.
– Motivation, a strong desire to write, hard work and perseverance.
– The extensive active vocabulary.
– Literacy, knowledge of the rules of the language.
– The harmonious development of logical and creative types of thinking.
– Knowledge of the genre, stylistic and structural features of written language.
– In addition, writers are often told that to the composition helps to be born something elusive associated with morality, life ideals, creative inspiration, or perhaps a divine gift.


For example, Richard Bach says that his most famous novel “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” was literally “dictated from heaven.” And those who read other works by Bach, probably noticed the stark contrast between its traditional stories and deeply metaphoric “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”.


In this regard, the question arises:


Is it even possible to learn the art of creative writing?
If you have creative skills anyone can develop his talent as a writer slowly and deliberately.


how to write properly