Writing reviews


Review – a subjective, provided in a compressed form, information about anything in order to familiarize the potential consumer with goods or services more fully.
In review, own attitude expression is encouraged. And since the review task is to focus the reader in choosing the expression of opinion will be very useful.


Why write a review?


The logical question.


1. Review – this is a great way to attract attention to your blog if you have one.
Reviews are always popular, because people want to be informed of new products. And this genre, as well as possible, right for your reference. The main role is played by personal opinion authoritative person who usually trust. Based on reviews of people make the decision to buy or not to buy, read, watch, or a novelty not worth it.

2. Reviews are in great demand, so selling well. Write reviews of new products, it is very likely that soon you will find good customers who text in your performance very much.
It must be said that the review, largely forms the subsequent perception of the film, books, games or other new items, so try to be objective.


How to write reviews


The rigid structure of this genre does not exist, however, there are points, following which you will be able to write a qualitative review.

• Introduce the reader to the subject of your interest. What will it be? Movie? A game? New technology?

• Briefly describe the plot or the main characteristics. Tell us about what you are interested in. So, what you do not tell, it will be a bonus for the reader when he looks a new film, or buy such as a technical novelty.

• Write down what you represented novelty differs from the others. Describe what you remember most. This may be an unusual plot, or further useful option.

• Include in review your impressions. Whatever they are, they must be present.


What is not necessary to write in the review


• Do not paint all the details. Otherwise it will be a paraphrase, and interest of the reader to the subject of the review will take place quickly.

• Do not disclose the ending, because, knowing what the outcome of the story, no one will want to watch a movie or read a book.

• Do not write common phrases, which is not clear is your attitude to the movie or the book. Let the reader will agree with you or do not agree, but the review should contain your point of view.


Now that you know how to write reviews. Use all that you have learned to expand the genre diversity of your articles.




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