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Essay Writing – an important skill that is useful to you in school and in college or institute, and at work. Different teachers their demands, but we offer a basic format, which in any case can help you successfully cope with the task. So, get to know how to spell a sample essay, and you will be able to apply this knowledge in the performance of the control work or homework.


Make a plan for essay


Decide the theme of essay


Choose a topic you know well enough to write an essay on it in five paragraphs.


Formulate thesis approval


This statement is a brief summary of what you’re going to write an essay. It should express the basic idea.

If you find it difficult to come up with a succinct statement, use the following scheme:

An essay of three abstracts = Subject + Opinion + Three thesis with justification.

For example: “Volunteering teaches self-discipline high school students, mutual assistance and leadership.” Theme essay – volunteer work, expressed the opinion – it teaches self-discipline, mutual assistance and leadership, and the three points, each of which need to justify – this self-discipline, mutual assistance and leadership.


Brainstorm to come up with the basic idea of justification


Make sure that you have enough ideas on the whole essay. If you can not find sufficient evidence of the point of view, review the basic idea. We can advise you two techniques brainstorming:

Try cluster method

Write down the main idea in the center of a sheet of paper and draw a circle. Whenever you come to mind the idea, draw from the center of the arrow and write it down.

Try free writing method

On top of a sheet of paper write down the main idea, and then any related ideas. Do not hesitate, just write.


Highlight the three main points


These are items that you will use to prove the main assertion. For example, your basic idea sounds like “Paul West – a strong personality and a leader of the group.” Then you need to bring three features that characterize Paul as a leader and a strong personality.
Record these points.
Make sure that you can prove it with the help of actual examples.


Make an outline of your essay in five paragraphs


At the beginning of a sheet of paper write down the main idea (thesis approval)
List the three points to support the main idea.
2-3 List the arguments in favor of each of theses.
Place the arguments, starting with the strongest.


Start writing


Write entry


You need to start with a proposal that fail the reader to the basic idea is usually expressed in the second sentence of the first paragraph. For example: “Paul West – one of the fourteen boys stranded on a desert island in the Caribbean.” Then, the following sentence is the main idea (thesis statement): “Paul – a strong personality and leader of the group.”


Write three main paragraph


Each of them must support your main idea and based on a “thesis + argument.” Be sure to include examples to substantiate their thesis. Start with the most convincing arguments.


Include the text of the proposal-ligament


The transition to each subsequent paragraph should be carried out by a logical connective. For example: “Paul West can be called a leader, not only because of his love, but also because it feared”.


Formulate a conclusion


It should also affect the basic idea, and three theses. For example: “From these examples it is clear that in the course of the narrative timid, soft and naive nature Paul changed, and it is revealed as a strong personality.”


Edit the essay


Reread your work and correct any grammatical and spelling errors


Check how smoothly and logically set out ideas. Pay special attention to transitions between paragraphs


Make sure each paragraph support the main idea of the essay, and that you do not shy away from the topic



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