White Paper – that helps customers make the right decisions


White Paper – a document that helps your potential customer make an informed decision in favor of your company or a particular product. If the document does NOT make certain decisions, it can be anything but not white paper.


If we speak in plain language as much as possible, the white paper – is a cross between articles and promotional brochures. Document contains enough useful information and at the same time leads to the fact that the best solution is to purchase a particular product or service.


Unlike brochures the white paper practically missing illustrations, and their presence should always be justified. The document is mostly text, but its layout should be “unobstructed” – welcome padding on the edges of large fonts and line spacing. However, white paper length is typically less than 12 pages.


Why is this tool works so well in the B2B marketing?


Firstly, clients likes white papers, because they have high value. People love to learn. And companies that generously share valuable training information with your target audience, in great confidence and authority.


Secondly, white papers allows you to place a potential customer in the sales funnel. Many people are willing to fill out a registration form and leave you their contact information in order to get answers to their questions.


Thirdly, white papers are very tenacious. They can spread from hand to hand, sent by mail. Regular flyer, not bearing no obvious value, it is unlikely anyone will be spread among your colleagues, partners or customers.


When you write a white paper, in front of you there are two ways: either you focus on the ideal reader, either on their own interests.


When you focus on your interests, you write about your products, services and solutions. If you focus on the interest of your reader, you should tell that excites your ideal customer, that just does not give him awake at night.


The first option i advice you to reject immediately – otherwise the document will become a promotional brochure. An effective white paper should be focused on the interests of the ideal customer.


As an example, two titles of fictional white paper, and to you to choose which of them would cause you more confidence:


– Instructions for formatting documents in Microsoft Word 2010
– 12 secrets to create attractive commercial offers


If you noticed, the second name is not mentioned name of the product, the focus is on issues of concern to the reader – the creation of commercial proposals. Formatting a document as such is poorly interested business audience.


Of course, it’s not all that we can tell you about white papers – this is only the most basic.


White Paper