What is assessment


Assessment – standardized multidimensional assessment of staff, including a plurality of evaluation procedures: interviews, psychological tests, role-playing, etc.
It is used when applying for a job in the training and development of staff, the appointment of staff to senior positions, to make a decision on compliance officer position, to determine whether to carry out new functions in the planning of further training of employees within a company and determine their development and other.


Assessment center method originated in the West during the Second World War. In the UK, it has been used for a set of junior officers, and in the US – for the selection of the scouts. Subsequently, he has been adopted by business organizations, and is currently in the West virtually every major company has applied this method to the staff appraisal.


Assessment center – personnel evaluation method, which is based on the observation of specially trained assessors (assessors) assessed the behavior of employees directly to work situations or in the performance of specific tasks. Job Content reflects the main aspects and problems of activity within the framework of one or another position.


They allow you to assess the employee or candidate for the vacant position on a number of parameters:

–  Performing duties

–  Features of behavior

–  The effectiveness of activities

–  The level of competence

–  The level of achievement of objectives

–  Personality characteristics and others


Assessment center includes a number of procedures and tailored to the requirements for specific positions. Assessment center involves standardization, that’s the existence of certain norms of the procedures and systems (criteria and assessment scales) estimates.


Sometimes, in addition to special assignments, assessment center includes a structured interview or testing. Approximate list of assessment procedures:
Psychological testing (on IQ tests, memory, attention, regulatory tests, questionnaires)
Proficiency testing (situationally – behavioral tests)


Individual exercises
Group exercise
Role-playing games
Analysis of the results




Preparation of the final report of the assessment, the issuance of recommendations


The use of standard and non-standard methods of assessment identifies employees with leadership potential, appear to people invisible in everyday work, but taking the lead in their own hands in specific situations. Based on the assessment center results revealed not only the existing employee skills, but also its hidden features that will make it more efficient and productive in the company. Assessment center results help to decide in what area to carry out further training of employees.