TOEFL – practice and only practice!


Preparing for the TOEFL successful passage – not an easy task. Someone wants to improve their knowledge, referring to experienced tutors or attending specialized courses, others rely only on their own skills, independently studying various manuals. Both the preparation for the international exam can be quite effective only if the active daily practice.


TOEFL practice – a set of exercises aimed at training those types of questions and tasks that may be encountered in the real test. Therefore, an important condition for the success of practical training is a detailed familiarity with the test structure and the analysis of all the necessary knowledge and skills.


Let’s start with the first part of the exam – Reading. To at this stage did not have too much difficulty, you must learn quickly to read, understand and, more importantly, pay attention to the key points. There have handy fiction and news publications in English. From the number of read text depends the amount of vocabulary and skill and, accordingly, all continued success.


The next test, which periodically causes difficulties is Listening. Not to be trapped, it is necessary to immerse themselves in the world of the English language – watch movies, listen to songs in English and and sing along if possible. The only way anyone can learn to listen, extracting the necessary information, and at the same time to make notes on paper. As you can see, the theory without TOEFL practice does not help!


After a short break should Speaking. The success of this phase depends entirely on speaking practice examinee. Keep in mind one simple rule – the better it is, the better and faster performed any task. Therefore, we must concentrate every effort to increase vocabulary during the execution of practical training.


And, of course, Writing! Do not forget about the grammar, since it is at this stage can be made a lot of mistakes. The best solution, and will serve as an excellent practice writing essays on various topics followed by an analysis of your own shortcomings. The more, the better!


For this exam requires a tremendous effort and many hours of training, but it’s worth it! TOEFL certificate opens up great prospects for its owner!


Preparing for the TOEFL – what it should be?


Knowledge of foreign languages in the modern world is essential, especially if it is one of the most popular languages in the world – English. TOEFL certificate is issued after the test in English as a foreign language. Its presence is useful in employment and training activities in the United States. It needs a good preparation for TOEFL, to get a good score, so how do you implement it?


A distinctive feature TOEFL is that it is focused on the American version of English, which complicates the task.


What do I need to do?


– to determine the order for which you need this certificate, and a minimum score is required. For simple specialties 3.0 points is enough, some require 7.0


– how much time you can devote to daily activities, this will depend on the total period of training: a few months or a year. It is also necessary to calculate


– you should be familiar with the materials for the training given in the Internet. It will help to prepare for reading and listening comprehension section. In the textbooks presented materials, which explained the nuances of reading and pronunciation, as well as the considerable importance given to work with the new words and expressions, as important for the exam your vocabulary


– try to find in internet a trial version of test or samples and go through them to determine your level of knowledge


– great attention should be paid to grammar, while performing the test should be all thoroughly checked for errors that computer equates to gross errors


– the sections «Writing» and «Speaking» TOEFL preparation should be carried out with the help of an experienced tutor. This will correct accents in pronunciation and learn more lexical speed characteristic of the English language.


Additionally, you can enroll in preparatory courses, where experts will talk about the nuances of the exam, students will disassemble with the most common errors, and answers to their possible questions, if any, will be in the course of training.


Preparing for TOEFL – a laborious and time consuming process, and to get a high score, it is necessary to use all possible ways. Learn English, put high goals and achieve them, and the certificate of TOEFL is to help you, but remember that it is only valid 2 years from the date of receipt!