The Era Of New Technology Essay

(Part 2)


As mention before, one of the biggest boom innovation was mobile phones which control and spread all over the globe extremely quickly. ‘Creativity and flexibility is required in order to succeed in the mobile-phone industry. No other industry changes faster, or experiences more sudden and rapid changes to fortunes’ (Bowman 2006, pg 1). Sony Ericsson is the corporation which joined venture between Sony and Ericsson equally. They were announced the top brand phones in the market by sold 32 millions of telephones in 1999 by customer in Europe.

The graph above show the brands of phones which were sell in 2004. On top of the lead is Nokia which in demand around 32% and on the second place we can see Sony Ericson brand which loosing 5% from the leader of sales. This diagram shows us that Sony at the beginning of 20th centuries was successful company. However, in the course of time when another firms entered into the market by setting out cheaper prices and generate another better products Sony’s starts losing their sales as well as customers. The competitors try to capture the new consumers by introducing improved technology and new ideas. The mobile telephones approach was innovation the cameras, music and Internet.

Nowadays, as the market develops Sony have many competitors such as Apple and Blackberry. These two brands dominate all over the globe by connecting their phones to the Internet and bringing new inspirations every day.


Following the success they arise with PlayStation 2 console in 2000 to get people more involved with the games as well as introduce better design and high quality of image. ‘Sony utilized their budget to back the PlayStation with advertising campaigns and quality software.'(BBC, 1999)

However, Sony success last for few years until company like Nintendo in 2001 launched similar console but for a better price. Nintendo spread out so quickly by creating revolutionary features to the consoles like Nintendo DS.

Besides, Sony come up with the PSP console which is handful version of PlayStation because you can carry on and play everywhere. This small console destroys Nintendo DS in sales and become most popular portable game.

Another creation which Sony invented was PlayStation 3 in 2006. This console has become the most advanced console in technology in highest standards in graphic till now. However, year earlier Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 for competition which is a cheaper console as well as less stuffed in technology.


By continuing the success of Sony they were enlarge by expanding new technologies as creation PSP2 which will appear on the markets in 2011.
The graph below shows all the information about console market which are also explained above.


The graph shows that Sony VAIO maintains on the second place just after Apple MAC’s which leads on worldwide markets. The chart represents the quality and value for money of tops brand of computing technology. The manufactures have place by producing high and basic quality of equipment on the market by deploy notebooks in business environment. On the diagram is show that many brands overpriced their product by setting high selling price. The values of money product are most popular to the consumers and them going to sell as first.

The prices that Sony offers for their product were bigger than competitions so customers preferred to go for the cheapest option as the product consist the same parameters. Most of the consumers are not happy to pay more only for the brand name.
According to Dale Vile said in his article ‘Apple and Sony really stand out for quality, but the overwhelming view is that you are paying over the odds for these brands from a value for money perspective.'(2009)




The most beneficial to the Sony company are high quality TV’s which are recognise as the best TV’s on the world. The history of Sony TV started in 1962 when they introduce their first television. After that company grows by expanding and introducing new inspirations like colour television using Chromatron and then Trinitron technology in middle of 20th centuries.

As Sony’s develop in the industry of television on 2005 they initiate the BRAVIA range of flat screen TV which became the best TV at that time. TV’s called BRAVIA stand out by offering unparalleled picture performance, high quality of sound capabilities, connection to the internet and many more smart features. The sizes of Sony TV screens are vary from 32 – 52 inches and there are different type of technology which produces the images like LED and LCD.

As the graph above shows that Sony in 2009 was most popular brand in Television on the market. Other firm’s do not measure up the high standard of picture and sound and their prices are lower than Sony’s.

The clearness and refreshing of Sony graphic in TV’s are outstanding to the other brands and customers can easily spots the difference. As technology of Sony TV’s is growing they create other products like DVD, PS3, Blu-Ray which can be connected with television and cooperate with each other.

As Doug Harman said in his review ‘Sony is a great example with a nice balance between features, screen size, price and connectivity.’ (2010)
The novelty which comes up on the market in 2010 was 3D television as well as watching movies in home cinemas in 3D. This still is a new inspiration which is developing and enlarges the possibilities for the future.




Sony brand is top manufacturer of audio, video, communications and information and technology goods for the customers and professional markets. Christophe Catesson said in his review that ‘Sony Corporation is one of the leading producers of video gaming consoles, video communication, information technology and electronics.’ (2008)

Sony success is mainly based on high quality of products. That quality usually is outstanding in comparison to competition with other brands. According to Sony history ‘ …Sony diversified its operations beyond the field of electronic, the company became widely known for its groundbreaking spirit, which also contributed to its corporate image’ (2011) The higher improvements and profits by following the customer needs in technology were made TV’s and PlayStation’s and it will continue to increase in the future.

One of the main weaknesses Sony has high prices of the product. In today’s life there are many people who cannot afford to buy so expensive equipments. That’s the reason they prefer to choose cheaper option for basic quality of products.

Sony creators never stop believe that they can beat the competitors like Apple, Microsoft Philips and many more. Subsequently Sony were tried to show that they can invent new product and consumers will back them up and purchase the goods as they always believe in quality of their product. That will help Sony stay on top of the list and bring as many profits as until now.

As Sony has in plans to invent the multi device which be combined of phone, console and notebook. Another creation which has to bring on the market is Bright Era projectors. New invention like that will keep the Sony brand on the top of the list as well as getting the bigger profits.

In 1955, Morita prediction to the Sony Company states ‘that Sony would be famous around the world within 50 years’ For instance it develop more rapidly as he thought. The impact of Sony on the marketplace worldwide is very strong as well as has many followers in their innovations. Finally summarise the all undertakings that Sony have made by these days is ‘company culture and widely acclaimed by customers of all ages and in all parts of the world.’ (2011) Sony creators should be proud of themselves and feel the satisfaction of the benefits to the future.



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