The American Diet

(Part 2)


Another problem with the American diet happens to be the portion sizes. Bigger portions was originally a very efficient way to make more money. Most Americans felt gluttonous when they would buy extra meal items at fast-food restaurants. Bigger portions made it easier to eat more food without the customer feeling like a glutton when he or she ordered extra food. It made more money for companies but gave out more calories of added fat and sugar to the American people. Also, the abundance in corn makes the food easier and more efficient to produce. That lowers the price which makes the food much more pleasing to the eye and well, the wallet. Most Americans have to work as well so a quick and easy lunch is essential to a busy business man. These facts make it very hard for an average person to resist. these are some of the many reasons for the pitfalls to the American diet. It is easily attainable, very cheap due to the easy production of corn, sugar, and fat, and the portion sizes allow people to eat more at one time.

While the average American diet is not very good, there are many steps one can take in order to become healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. First, one should give up all fast food and junk food. they are a source of unnecessary calories and fat. Secondly, one should start becoming more active in sports, leisurely activities, and more active in general. being active burns time and calories. Simon Harvey writes on an online article, “Fat cells grow or shrink depending on how people use energy. If people do not balance energy input and output by eating right and exercising, fat can build up. This leads to weight gain.” (Harvey) Calories need to be burned or they will store up in the body as fat. The more calories that are burned, more weight will be lost. If one spends more time on the couch, he or she is prone to eat because of boredom. Being active allows one to burn calories, and fat, If one burns more calories than taken in, then the weight loss will proceed. If America starts to eat more fruits and vegetables and becomes more active, America can begin to see that the number of people who are obesity will decline surely. people will build confidence and begin to inspire to do great things. with their lives instead of watching movies or playing video games.

In light of all the recent statements, America surely has a rough and extremely unhealthy diet due to all the processed foods and laziness. It is understandably a good choice for a hard-working business man on the go. It is cheap and easily attainable., and the foods are made to taste great with all the added sugar and fats. It has many pitfalls and obstacles that the American people can overcome with a little determination, a healthy diet, and rigorous exercise. If the nation can learn to discipline itself to eat less junk food and more vegetables and exercise more often then weight will be lost and self-confidence will raise tremendously.


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