Secrets TOEFL preparation


Anyone who took up the study of the English language for a specific purpose – to conquer America, Canada and other English-speaking countries, sooner or later come across on your way mysterious abbreviation: TOEFL.
TOEFL – this is nothing more than a standardized test, the exam of English as a second language (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Based on American English, the test requires you to special training, during which it is important to learn to understand the lexical and grammatical features of the two very similar variants of the same language: British English and American English.


Today, there are three types of TOEFL – iBT (internet-based testing), CBT (computer-based test) and PBT (paper-based testing). The exam lasts three to 4.5 hours (depending on the type), consists of four sections and includes different types of questions for which you must select the correct answer from several offered.


When passing the test is very important to focus as much as possible and be very careful, because the slightest mistakes committed through negligence, equal to a full and rude.


But, even if you are perfectly fluent in English, it does not mean that you will submit TOEFL easily – yes, this exam is not difficult, but confuses many nuances, so the high-quality training in this case seriously increase the chances for successful test taking.


So, effective preparation for the TOEFL exam includes the following items:


Selection of high-quality textbooks


This books answers to assignments, containing CD with support for online versions of texts and files for listening. The book should cover all sections of the test – it is necessary to complete the training.


Control of process of preparation


A good option – to prepare with someone who just wants to get the certificate. But it is better if knowledge and the results will control a qualified teacher or tutor.


A clear timetable and work on errors


On examination, the replies can not be changed, so you must be prepared daily, with a certain amount of time, test and continuously improving the skills – so the level of learning and storing information is much higher.


As for the test sections, it is important to remember the following:


Preparing for the Reading section, it is useful to pay attention to the academic vocabulary and learn to read fluently and without a dictionary, understanding the essence.

Preparing for the Listening section, it is important to learn to hear the main idea of posts from the first time – in the exam will be just one attempt.

Preparing to Speaking section, it is important to work on the quality of the pronunciation of words, expressions and lexical structures.

Preparing to Writing section, it is useful to develop your own writing style and stick to it, and to write the most simple, logical and clear – these skills will greatly help in the writing of an essay on the exam.


So, TOEFL is not so terrible, but requires special attention in the process of training, and this is not surprising. Obtained on the basis of successful completion of the test certificate opens up the doors to leading universities and companies in the world and is the undisputed evidence of your level of one of the most common languages in the world – the English.