Scholarship Essay – the most frequent errors


In this article, i list the most frequent errors encountered in applications for grants and scholarships.


If you are going to apply for a grant or scholarship, the main part of application is the Personal Statement and Scholarship Essay. An essay describing your personal motivation, your achievements and plans for the future, and why you are a suitable candidate for this particular grant.


Last week I had the opportunity to read and give an expert assessment of 26 essays written by candidates Alumni Scholarship Central European University (SEU). Alumni Scholarship – is a small scholarship fund created at the expense of graduates of SEU annually allocate additional scholarships to students of social responsibility. Anyone who considers himself a suitable candidate must write a short essay directly in the process of filling the online application form for admission to CEU. After reading the essay candidates got shortlisted for this year, I noticed a few common mistakes that are made almost all applicants. Some of these may seem obvious, but undoubtedly have a negative impact on the chances of applicants.


So, avoid the following mistakes when writing any Scholarship Essay:


Do not exceed the word limit. Otherwise, online form just throw out a part of your essay and it terminates at the subword. If you write an essay separately as a text file, you still stick to limits. Remember, the experts read hundreds of such applications, and why there are such restrictions.


Don’t forget to include your name and the name of a grant, scholarship or program to which you are applying. This gives professional and confident tone in the beginning.


Do not link to your resume or other documents submitted with the application. If the experts will need to clarify something from your resume, they will do it themselves if possible.


Be sure to include your plans for the future, and how the grant or scholarship will help you in implementing them. Of course, you do not need to write in details the next 10 years of your life, but it is important to show that you are moving towards the goal.


Avoid long outpourings of gratitude to expert committee for providing the opportunity, etc. Experts are far more important to know about you as much as possible than to once again feel its significance.


Well, in my opinion, the most important thing:
Avoid long sentences. English language is very concise and, unfortunately, many foreign applicants often overlook this point, habitually connecting several arguments in compound sentences. The clearer, shorter and clearer your suggestions, take particular consideration of the word limit, the easier it will be to convey their thoughts to the experts. Remember, this is not an essay on any subject.


If you manage to avoid these basic, but, alas, common mistakes, you will at times increase your chances of a positive expert assessment of your Personal Statement.


Scholarship Essay


Good luck!