Reinventing Nissan Essay

(Part 2)


This change could create the problem of making some of Nissan’s employees aggravated and want to leave the company. One suggestion to help ease this change would be to prove to the employees that performance-based pay can be better than the pay scheme they were using before! If they perform better, they can make more money, and if they do not perform well, they will be cut. This will altogether improve Nissan’s performance as a whole.


I completely agree with the statement that some observers are now arguing that only a foreigner (a non-Japanese) could have turned Nissan around so quickly. Only someone who was not accustomed to Japanese norms could have done the things to Nissan in Japan that needed to be done in order to turn around the company so quickly. If it were a Japanese, they would have had a harder time making the necessary adjustments to the firm that were going against Japan’s cultural norms.

6) Write a brief update on Nissan’s market and financial performance since publication of the case.

Nissan has yielded better-than-expected results since the publication of this article. The company claimed a $90 million profit for six months posted on November 4th (Bloomberg Businessweek). We also can read that Nissan has been benefiting from several cost-cutting measures that were taken by Carlos Ghosn. Nissan also is providing new suppliers the availability to become one of Nissan’s suppliers! Online on their website, you can fill out a form to be considered a supplier.