Quality at Gillette

(Part 2)


Market Leadership-The company’s product are well known with a reputation of quality are also market leader in their respective segment.
Well Diversified portfolio -Gillette has a well-diversified portfolio in terms of product diversification and market diversification. Diversification of this nature helps the company avoid the risk of overdependence on any one source for its revenue stream.


Opportunities -New product launches Gillette is known for constantly introducing new products in the market with better technology and performance. This new product launches will help the company to gain competitive advantage over its competitors.


Growth -potential for battery business in China- The Chinese battery market is a large and fast-growing market. Gillette has acquired a majority interest in the Fujian Nanping Nanfu Battery Company. This has resulted to significantly improve the performance of the company’s overall battery business and will have its impact on the future performance of the company.


Competitive environment -Gillette faces intense competition in most markets. Its products compete with widely advertised, well-known, branded products, as well as private label products, which typically are sold at lower prices. The company’s survival depends upon its ability to adopt itself in this kind of competitive environment.
The road to effective TQM is not always an easy one, but progressing towards a long-term vision by making changes will continue to bring about significant results.


3. How should the quality practices and principles be exported to the rest of Latin America?

TQM can be defined as the management of initiatives and procedures that are aimed at achieving the delivery of quality products and services. I think that they should teach and help other Latin American countries understand TQM, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, and other business practices to ensure that their business in other countries can grow and or develop. When using TQM, companies can take advantage of the following:

•Customer Focus
•Decision Making
•Methodology and Tools
•Continuous Improvement
•Manufacturing and quality procedures
•Company Culture
• Employee Involvement
In summary, diversifying capital, investment, products and other resources to maintain and expand position as market leader. Gillette is strategically positioned as leader, and regularly re-organizes its structures to respond quickly to changes in business and competitive trends. They are able to develop and maintain a high profile for its brand names through marketing. They need to continue to maximize efficiency in production and distribution, rather than focusing on direct retailing. They are likely to remain as the market leader of grooming sector products for the foreseeable future.