Popular Literature

(Part 2)


One of the most important aspects of books is that it gives the feeling to the readers whether they could actually see the events on page come to life in their minds. The book has people talking about the writing styles, character development, and whether the writer has established enough to have a book as popular as it is right now. The book absolutely has impact American culture, to the point that has inspired Hollywood to create a movie.

In addition, the author genuinely researched the circus to add in nonfictions parts that work good to intrigue the readers, pushing them to magically feel the need to read it until end. Water for elephants the movie by Francis Lawrence starring Robert Pattinson the vampire of the famous twilight saga will come back to create a big effect on American pop-culture as well as he did with Twilight (BookBrowse, 2011).

Per reader’s blogs, I have found that people have become more interesting in the circus industry after reading the book. In addition, I have found that the story touched people experiences in relation of getting old, and trying to understand when, where, and who will be there next to them when time past by and the age and wrinkles cover their faces.
In conclusion, many American people have dreamed about running away and joining a traveling circus when moments of depression or sadness. For that reason this book can influence people and make the feel identify. Therefore, the book also emphasized on animal and how animal can teach people love (BookBrowse, 2011).




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Popular Literature