Online Banking

(Part 2)


`Speaking as a modern career woman, I believe that we play a big role in determining market trends as we are an influential consumer group,’ said 29 year old nurse, Narmadah Devi, who is also a mother of one. `Just like any consumer with purchasing power, we are always seeking out products and service that will complement our lifestyle, providing us with convenience in a fast paced society,’ she said.

Narmadah expressed her joy and satisfaction as a digital banker as it has provided her with a greater level of flexibility and convenience. `I am sure many people go through the same experience as me, having to juggle the responsibilities of work and family, not including all the other necessary duties in between. Digital banking allows me to handle my financial related responsibilities any day, any time, anywhere’ she said.

Adding to that, Narmadah said that the security that digital banking provides goes beyond the online realm but to the physical as well. `As a woman and a mother, I must honestly say that sometimes the concern about being subjected to petty crime does cross my mind. Being able to pay my multiple bills from the comfort of my home on my laptop or mobile phone really helps. It definitely helps me avoid the worry of having to withdraw large amounts of money, and physically carrying it around for location to location to make transfers or payments. This avoidance is definitely a relief!’ she expressed.


`I must say that digital banking has been such a relief as it allows me to do my errands beyond the working hours of nine to five when I am stuck in the office,’ said 24 year old journalist Amy Chatterton. `I am sure anyone who uses this facility will agree with me that digital banking is a true revelation, allowing us go about our chores and helping us avoid the hassle and stress. I definitely get more leisure time on my hands, and no women would turn down an offer like that!’



Online Banking