New International Economic Order

(Part 2)


They feel it is not fair for the rich countries to know if something horrible is going to happen to them and to just sit by and watch them die and get hurt when they are too poor to get the technology they need. The rich countries did not agree with them at all. They felt that if they spent the time and the money then they should not give the science and technology to the poor countries who did nothing to help them at all. The United Nations agreed with the poor countries though. They decided to do something about the whole situation and proposed the Adopted Resolution to help the poor countries who did not know if bad weather that could be life threatening was approaching. The United Nations sent a weather satellite into the atmosphere to predict bad weather conditions all around the world. The satellite was free to anyone who would like to view it. Beside weather problems all around the world, there are also heath problems. One example deals with the AIDS epidemic in Ghauna. Twenty-five percent of the people in Ghauna have the AIDS virus. The AIDS virus is spreading even faster in the Third World Countries because of the lack of modern technology. The Third World Countries feel if the United States finds a shot that will prevent AIDS, the shot should be a Heritage of Mankind which means everyone will be intitled to it. The United States says no because they did the research and spent the time and money.

Overall, the Group of 77 had very good intentions. They saw that there needed to be something done to help solve the gap between the rich and the poor. The only problem is that the rich countries are far to ahead of the game. They will not allow many of the proposals to go into action. This leads to an even larger gap between the rich and the poor that is still on the increase.