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Most Popular University Welcome Video!

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We collect official university commercial videos on our Youtube channel and they are sorted by views amount.
On the top you will find most popular welcome videos.


Top 20 Welcome videos:


1.   Keiser University Commercial

2.  Ringling College of Art and Design  (“Heavenly Appeals” a short film by David Lisbe)

3.  University of Texas at Austin (with Admiral William H. McRaven)

4.  George Mason University (George Mason Green Machine plays Rage against the Machine)

5.  Rollins College (with Sir Paul McCartney)

6.  Merrimack College

7.  Olympic College (Softball “Call Me Maybe” Remix)

8.  Harvard University (with Oprah Winfrey)

9.  The Art Institutes

10. Strayer University

11. National University

12. Academy of Art University (Designing Jaguar)

13. University of Maryland University College

14. University of Washington

15. Temple University

16. University of California, Los Angeles

17. Stanford University

18. Howard University (with President Barack Obama)

19. Ithaca College ( with Conan O’Brien)

20. WGU Missouri


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How it can help you making decision.

The popularity is directly related to the quality, and you can be sure the top places include the best educational institution.
Highest places in ranking – also says about students cohesion and university support.
To all this, you can just watch all videos in one place.
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For representatives of universities and colleges:


We understand our “university welcome video” rating is not objective,
your educatonal institution can be very prestigious, but to be in the last rows our ranking,
and people who will watch it and make submissions about can not even find and watch your video,
but this is Most Popular University Welcome Video rating and if you want to be in the forefront,
we will give you some advices about:

1) Encourage your students to see your greeting video, each of them, their friends, acquaintances, relatives.
2) Place the appeal on University website and all your social channels.



Dear students – our university official video participates in the ranking of the most popular video greetings,

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