Medford University

(Part 2)


Should the president anticipate that all members of the task force will strive to cut university expenses? What actions can the president take to increase the likelihood that the task force members have this objective as a major priority?

She should not anticipate that every member will strive to cut expenses. Some people are selfish and will not keep the companies interest and needs as the primary objective. Members will have different views on what is important. They will see the need not to support anything that would hurt their own benefits with any reduction. Direction need to be set by the President on how important it is to trim the current fringe benefits package. This would allow no loss of employees at the university. The president should voice that this must be done or more drastic measures could take place. It should be seen to all is importance for the financial success of the university.


The appointment of the administrator of the hospital as the chair was to represent the majority of the employees who work at the university hospital. She will be in a position to talk on behalf of the majority because he knows about this staff and their problems better than anyone. The chair should delegate work as long as he remains in control of the process. Delegation of work will encourage team work and motivate employees when they realize that they are a part of the decision making. This will leads faster and quick decision making because of cutting down the tasks to be performed at the same time.

Does the president want to commit to accepting the committee report or does she want to reserve the right to make modifications? Explain.

She wants to commit in accepting the committee report. The appointment of key personnel throughout the university to carry out decision making efforts in support of the of the organization gives great credibility to the report. In supporting the report it will maintain the quality of the staff and faculty decision by respecting the outcome of the made by such staff and personnel report. The employment of key personel to the tasks force helped ensures that a quality solution was made and presented in the final cost reducing report. The president can always reserve the right to make modifications but should not in order to repect the finding and direction the task force recommended. This will give great validity to the findings with the support of decision rights.

Why did the president appoint a key assistant as secretary of the task force?


The apointment of a key assistant as secretary of the task force was to insure that the president’s requirements were voiced and steered in throughout the process. The assistant will have the president’s best interests in mind throughout negotiations. There will be efforts to steer the task force to his direction. These efforts will be coordinated with the president in an effort to ensure a positive outcome.