Hyundai Commercial

(Part 2)


Statics show the average young adult spends more time watching television than any other activity. By the age of eighteen the average person has seen over 350,000 commercials. Furthermore, the media’s purpose is to inform and educate the people all over the world. Media can be an extremely positive mechanism, if it gives off the right information. Media can also be a negative mechanism and this particular commercial is not a positive advertisement. Therefore negative media could cause a major impact on society. Statics say young adults spend 20% of their time watching television, 9% doing hobbies and 3.5% doing homework. Over 10,888 suicides occur on college campuses each year. One out of every twelve-college student has at one point made a plan to kill themselves. So what? This is a major group of young adults that could take the negative message in the wrong way. It shows people a new way to possibly kill themselves. A suicidal person may watch this and receive the underlying message even if it was un-intentional it can cause them to act upon their feelings. Viewers can see even though his plan of committing suicide didn’t follow through, that theirs can if they don’t have that car. Men are more likely to commit suicide than women are. Men seem to be more interested in cars than women so this negative message in a car commercial could reach them quickly. This could spark ideas that men haven’t thought of yet it and it shows them its acceptable while doing so. In Addition, this isn’t a message that anyone would want to send out through the media. Suicide is something that should be taken seriously since its outcome is final. It’s neither an easy decision, nor one that should be taken lightly. Anyone could be contemplating the thoughts of suicide and be pushed to the edge or tempted to try this after seeing this advertisement. Hyundai completely stripped the seriousness from the word Suicide. It is a serious issue that they made into an ordinary subject. Someone watching could have family members that have killed themselves this way. It could cause this to be a extremely sensitive subject for some viewers. Is this the message Hyundai wants to send to their viewers? A message that could possibly cause painful memories or cause someone to kill themselves this way. This type of insensitivity opens the door for a whole new slew of emotions.

The Hyundai advertisement can be a real eye catcher right from the beginning. Although they may not have intentionally out this negative image they still did. It was the wrong image to send out on such a popular media. Suicide is already a steadily growing problem in the world; there is no need to make it seem any more acceptable. Suicide has too many negative side effects to be a subject we joke or de-value. The act of suicide affects so many more people, not just the one committing the act.