How to write reviews of books


I don’t think anyone is wondering why to reviews about books? Although anyone realizes that the perception of each individual, and the opinion of the book is still subjective, but nonetheless, the books feedback is important to us. Otherwise, how to navigate and make a decision on which of the book world of wealth should pay your precious attention? If we could only understand how to write reviews of the books?


If everything will admire some particular product (or on the contrary, will sharply criticize someone’s work), the majority have a desire to take up this particular book. At least in order to make up their own minds. So are born bestsellers. For example, I thus read vampire saga “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer. I expect something deep and fascinating. And I came to the conclusion that this is the most common women’s novel, which was added a romantic element in the form of vampire vegetarians. The book is not instructive and nothing special in itself is not. However, this is my opinion! And someone is “Twilight” great work. Perhaps fantasy Meyer awoke in his reader the strong and lofty sentiments. But this is not so little!


But it was more arguments on why do we need reviews of books. Now, let’s move on to the answer to the question of how to write reviews of the books? There are a few rules that should be considered when drawing up reviews.


I want to note that any reader similar to the listener of music. Sometimes we want to get a charge of vivacity, and sometimes we would like to relax. And so we turn on the right for our music purposes. It’s unlikely that it would be appropriate to include trash before bedtime! With all the books in the same way. If you want to plunge into the world of romantic love, the famous “Twilight” fit perfectly. If you set the book cognitive task, then you need a shelf of popular science literature, or educational resource. So rule number one – in the review of the book specifies the purpose and goals of the book.


Next I want to talk about age audience. Each book has its reader. Many adults reading children’s books and judge them from the height of its flight. Alas! It is not very correct. We can not judge the children’s books objectively, without talking with your child. However, even talking, we can not judge. After all, children are often unable to express his thoughts clearly. To understand how a book like a child, you need to stealthily watch for the young reader. If a baby “deep in book,” it means he likes it . If a child asks to read again this fairy tale or story, then book made an impression on him. Here it is worth to say a few words about the dangers of books on adult opinion. I can not judge for sure that the books is harmful and what is useful. However, I want to note that you can not hang a label on a book based on her adult opinion. Just children and adults are very different perceptions of the product. Some things children in the books did not notice it. Adults also tend to “dig very deep”. Of course, the books written for young people often do not like to pensioners. Books for adults is not very clear to the children. Therefore, rule number two – a review of the books need to be in line with its readership age audience.


Every genre of literature has its fans. One can argue and say that the fans of a specific genre – a narrow-minded people. But no matter how much we do not talk about it, we must recognize the existing fact – readers have a fondness for extremely specific genre of literature and do not read anything more. Therefore, in the preparation of reviews on the book you want to use rule number three – to specify what genre refers described product.


To rule number four, I would have reacted the definition of the dynamic development of the plot. Recently, readers have become respect the laconic style and speed of what is happening. For admirers of high dynamic include most teenagers.


However, if the book is rich in deep philosophical reasoning or a detailed description of the nature and appearance of heroes, interior parts, etc., in his review should definitely mention it. Because these books and has its fans. Hence, we derive a rule number five – if the book is rich in narrative or thinking about life, be sure to write about it in the recall.


There according to some readers simply outrageous book. They use slang or profanity. Immediately i say, i’m not trying to advocate for such literature, but … BUT !!! Such books do exist! Fact! For example, obscene limericks. And how could I not outraged, my opinion will change little. I will say even more, these books have their own fierce advocates and fans. I propose that such a flagrant. Rule number six – sure to specify in the recall blatant!


Sometimes books are not only for the transmission of information. They are a real work of art. Such books are distinguished by excellent design, expensive paper and binding amazing, colorful illustrations. Hence the rule number seven – if the book is different exterior design and belongs to the deluxe edition, then it is imperative to write.


To rule number eight, I would carry an indication of the continuation or the beginning of a particular story, the novel series.


Recently, information transmission is becoming increasingly new ways. I would say that there is a kind of fusion of traditional methods with multimedia in a single edition. Books, toys appeared, books in 3D, books with audio CDs, books, video, books from microfiche, books with embedded chips (for example, these include Talking ABC), a book with transparent pages … Maybe i’m some kind of book overlooked. Progress so swiftly flies forward, that he was and did not follow. In any case, rule number nine – to announce in his review of the very publishing a snap in the light of new technologies.


Finally, rule number ten – to express their personal opinion about the read! You may not like the author’s style. Some books are very difficult to read because of the piles of abstruse words. Some books do not maintain the traditions of the genre. Sometimes authors are illogical. Either the story is dropped too sharply, and it happens that a chur delayed. Sometimes the impression of the book spoils the poor translation. Keep in mind that the reader may initially have a diametrically opposite point of view (for example, an atheist, a priest delivering a sermon). Very often the same book, different people perceive in different ways. It is this difference is interesting. And as you – individuality, then you have the perception of their own books. The recall of the most valuable is the rule number ten – it is your personal perception!


Basically, these rules can be extended. But I hope that the most basic lists. If anything, i still missed, then I apologize.


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Good creativity and brilliance in the writing reviews on books!