How to write dissertation


The document, which contains the exploration and discovery of author and submitted in support of candidates for degree or professional qualification is called a dissertation.


Achieving the required level of qualification



Achieve an appropriate level of academic and language qualifications


Before you can start writing the dissertation, you will need to achieve a certain degree of skill. This is the highest level of academic work, which requires a perfectly honed language skills, as well as the ability to analyze and process information at the appropriate level of the original study. Make sure that you have enough knowledge for this work; otherwise you will not be able to complete the writing of your dissertation, which certainly will cause stress.


Many programs require that you not only fluent in their native language, but spoken in one or more foreign languages. This requirement may cover both modern languages (eg French, German or Chinese) and the dead (such as Latin or Greek) or non-verbal languages (eg programming languages).


You need to be able to perfectly track the information, process it, understand where the lack of information, and to find solutions to problems that are lurking in these spaces. it’s often much more difficult than it seems.


Accumulated writing skills that will contribute to the work on dissertation. This document is often of the same volume as the full book, and may comprise from 30,000 to 100,000 words. It’s hard to work on a document for so long and in depth.


Tried and tested time management skills


Work on such a complex document while it is often necessary also to attend classes, can be very challenging. This was the basis for the emergence of numerous jokes that graduate students never sleep. You need to relax and get enough sleep on a regular basis, because stress will interfere with your work, and to keep up all over, you need to learn to balance periods of sleep and work.


The time when work is incredibly difficult, or even impossible, take to relax. For example, on the way to school, listen to audiobooks or podcasts. You can catch up the news of your favorite websites with your phone, laptop or tablet at lunch or dinner. Do a little physical exercise while expecting the issuance of search results or test scores (you’ll be surprised how much energy you get from a few sit-ups!).


Observe sleep. At times it will be very difficult, but adherence to sleep (even if you have to sleep less than usual) will give you more energy and concentration than irregular long sleep.


Use these extensions to the browser as StayFocused. Later, you will appreciate their worth.


Learn to cope with stress


If you can’t cope with stress, you will be very difficult to graduate school as a whole and even more difficult – with the writing of dissertation. Learn to manage your stress and get rid of it healthy and effective way before you begin work on the dissertation.


A good way to relieve stress for graduate students – workout, music or funny videos. All these methods are easy to fit into your schedule difficult. At the same time, post-graduate students is best to avoid these types of stress, like watching television (it absorbs large blocks of time and can put you into a deeper stress) or food (which is likely to be the cause of obesity).


Getting Started


Penetrate in the dissertations goal


When you start to work on your dissertation, it’s important to understand the purpose, which it aims to serve. Understanding the basic task of research, it’s possible to process the material more thoroughly and to demonstrate that you have achieved the planned goals and deserve the coveted degree.


Dissertation to prove your ability to conduct your own research and implement original ideas. One of the main tasks that you will do after obtaining a degree – a further study in your chosen industry and creation new ideas that will solve the existing problems of the discipline. You will need to prove that you are capable of making a significant contribution, and your dissertation will be your first important step.


Dissertation will demonstrate your knowledge in the planning of research. You will need to show that you can carry out research as it provides for your discipline. Among other things, you will need to carry out tests that properly relate to your hypothesis, calculate variables and accurate data collection methods.


Decide whether it is really what you need


Life with a serious scientific work is not suitable for everyone. For some people it will bring a lot of fun, but others will feel uncomfortable. Due to the large volume of work and the stress associated with it, you should make sure that this is really what you want to devote your life.

People often tend to get a degree, following the request of their parents, who usually want what they think is best for their child. But this is not necessarily the best option. If parents pushed you to this, you should seriously think about whether vital decisions based on the wishes of the parents. In the end, it’s your choice, not theirs.

There is no shame in the fact that you do not get a degree. As mentioned earlier, not everyone fits this lifestyle. But at the same time should not be considered postgraduate studies as a waste of time and money, additional education often is not only useful, but still attractive to many employers.


Decide on a theme


Before starting work, you must decide on the theme that’s right for you. Remember that you will work on a selected topic for a very long time. It should be interesting to you, otherwise it will be a burden to you. Your dissertation on a chosen topic should also be a significant contribution to science, so try to avoid those that are already well understood. In addition, you should feel that you can prove and defend his theory.


For example, you can’t write a historical dissertation about aliens building the pyramids. At least, it sure will not miss by commission. Dissertation about the treatment of cancer using the guano will wait the same fate. Try to choose something that will not make your university abandon from you.




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