How to write an Scholarship Essay


Scholarships – this is a very common way of financing education of most students. Since they are very popular among students, it’s often difficult to get into these programs. You have to impress and convince the sponsor of what you deserve the financial support. With an impressive, well-written and thoughtful essay, you can easily reach it.


Stick to the basic rules


Discover and analyze the theme of the essay


You should make sure that you understand the essence of the essay before you start writing. But not enough to understand the subject matter – you also need to understand why they ask about this things. What they are trying to find out by asking this? Analyze the subject and try to find out what’s the point, to meet the requirements, respectively.


For example, questions relating to the scope of your interests, are actually trying to measure the passion for the subject, and how you are competent in it. Questions about current events, probably trying to figure out how you are and how well informed understand complex issues.


Decide on Fund / School / etc, before writing an essay. In funds, schools and other organizations that provide scholarships, certainly, there are certain values ??that are their principal. If you intend to make an impression on them, explore and find some of the key terms and core values, which they use in their work, enter those terms and ideas in his essay.


Before the creation of essays, make it a plan


The essay plan is like a road map, and without a road map, as you know, you run the risk of getting lost. Record each of the items that you want to do is to clearly answer the questions posed in the essay with a few notes on how you are going to carry those items. Decide the order in which the best place paragraphs and write down everything on paper.


Also it is necessary to consider how you will be linking paragraphs together. Good transitions will help the reader to better understand the way you think, so it is important to pay due attention to them.


Try to answer the question


Make sure that when you write an essay, you actually answer the question they were asked. Important: do not answer the question, who do you think they asked, answer the question they actually asked. Sometimes, especially when reading quickly or without delving into the essence of the text, we tend to misinterpret the message. Make sure that your answer corresponds to a given question.


Stick to a set volume of text


Excess words can interfere with some of the major points. Too long can discourage a wish essay read it at all. Too short – and you can look incompetent. Try to observe the recommended volumes of essays, do not exceed the number of words of more than 20%.


Сonvince that it is you deserve a scholarship


Use of business, however, a passionate tone


When answering the questions, try to look like a man who is confident in their actions and beliefs. It is these students willingly give scholarships, because they have a constructive plan, they are ready to act, and money for their education are not wasted.


Do not use such words and phrases as “may”, “I’m trying to …” or “I hope …”.
Use words and phrases such as “I am …”, “I can …” and “I will …”.


Tell your story


The essay should be unique. Try to keep your essay is handed your story, not a story that could have been someone else. Find something that makes you unique. This may relate to your own experience, interests, or anything else that comes to mind.


Show your strengths


Use the essay to demonstrate their abilities. Make sure to specify all their strengths, confirming their examples. If you want to show how you are organized, for example, tell them how to help the class teacher fully update file and make the work more efficient. Remember, do not just talk … and confirm your words examples.
For example, select your social skills. Tell me about how communication has taught you to appreciate all the people, despite the fact to which a society or group they belong to.


Do not be afraid to indicate your small flaws


Sometimes it’s necessary to recognize the things that you do not quite competent, or your little flaws. This will humanize you and cause about you a fellow feeling. However, it is important to show that these deficiencies do not hinder the achievement of your goals. Tell how you overcome them and how to work on mistakes. Thus, you will look more intelligent and competent.


For example, if you had a few bad ratings in the past, admit it, say experienced some difficulties in the study of this material, but then developed a system that helps you focus better and stay motivated.


One more example. If you have not been actively involved in various extra-curricular clubs, social clubs, then say so. Admit that you are shy, but find new ways to get out of uncomfortable situations for you and try to improve their social skills.


Do you think that your academic achievements and active lifestyle look very contradictory? Is it compatible? Do not worry, it will not look serious, answering this question. All you have to do is show how favorably all this has affected you. “Through this experience i will be able to easily and efficiently deal with any situation or problem in my way.”


Make your essays impeccable


Overview your essay, make sure all the items are met


Re-read the writing, and make sure that you answered to these questions and reveal all the aspects that had planned to reveal. Check is very useful and can greatly affect the quality of any letter.


There is another useful trick – write an essay, and then a day or two read it again. This will help your brain to see the error, because he forgets what you intend to write, and will fill in the blanks.


Rewrite your essay


When you read it, you will surely find moments that could explain the better or errors. Edit the text, fix grammatical and spelling errors, sentences that are correct in principle, but it sounds a bit strange. Overwrite as much as you see fit, and do not be afraid to rewrite again.


Another way to check how good your text – read it aloud to yourself. This will help to see the trouble spots and vague sentences. Try to replace these sections of text that reflects how you say actually.


Let someone will edit your essay


Editing is very important. You can be an excellent editor with a fantastic knowledge of grammar and spelling, but still make a mistakes. Entrust your essay to someone who knows how to edit and pay attention to the things that you omitted. You can give an essay to parents, a teacher or guidance counselor.


Wait for a while before posting your essay


You should not wait until the last minute, but not worth a rush. This will give you time to think carefully about the answer, and feel the possible errors. If after a while you are still happy with your essay – send it.


What to avoid


Do not write an essay at the last minute


Don’t wait until the last minute to write an essay. By doing this in a hurry, you’ll make it worse than we could. It will also take the time you might spend on improving and editing. Make sure that you have enough time to create a masterpiece.


Keep in mind that it may be more difficult than you thought. As well as that you will be more busy than expected. Calculate the time required for essay, your capabilities, but leave yourself time to maneuver.


Avoid tedious monotone speech


Do not use cliches and boring patterns. Your essay must stand out colorful, active, exciting speech, which will attract a sponsor. A good way to do this – follow the advice that is given above, namely: make your passionate speech.


Stick to the topic


Make sure that everything written was directly related to a given topic and justify your answer. You don’t want that to having read your essay to finish, people wondered: “What’s that i read?” Although, if you go away from the topic, they are not likely to read to the end.


Not whine


Don’t turn the essay into some heartbreaking story. Nobody will give you money just because you have had a difficult childhood. Everybody sometimes has a hard time. It’s better to write a story about how you triumphantly overcome the vicissitudes of life. The organizers will decide soon help someone who is willing to challenge fate.


By the way, is not enough to write a sad story with a happy ending, to go to college. It is better to emphasize the fact that the difficulties did not prevent you study hard and actively participate in school life.


Don’t attempt to appear perfect


This may give the impression that:
a) you have a very unrealistic view of themselves and your abilities
b) you’re lying
c) have never had problems, and are not ready to cope with the stress of college




The grant, which will satisfy your needs and complies with the field of research close to you, can be found at the Federal Trade Commission, as well as on sites that specialize in applying for the grant and provide information and advice on how to choose the right program.


For example, on the website of the Federal Trade Commission has a lot of resources and contacts for those who are looking for scholarships, and this service is free.


Read other application essay to understand what works and what does not.
Applying for scholarships should be free. Beware of programs that this is a paid service, and make sure they are legitimate.




Don’t plagiarize! Now it’s very easy to prove that illegal borrowing material. It will not do you no good, but can create a lot of problems.


 write an Scholarship Essay


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