How to write an essay for a scholarship. 8 Steps to Success


Going on a scholarship, and in requirements document appears essay? Take adopted the basic rules that will help write a good essay.


Do you know how to sell yourself on a sheet of text, not to exceed 3000 characters? If not, then you might want to familiarize yourself with the basic steps to write the correct essay.


Brian Devids, International Student Loan Marketing Resource Coordinator, shared scheme, which will help write a really good essay to apply for a scholarship. And, despite the fact that Brian said nothing revolutionary, these tips will be useful to everyone who collects documents for international scholarship.


What is a scholarship?


First of all, it is money, or rather the free money, for your international education, which gives you someone else. And everyone knows that those wishing to free money enough. After all, the money will help to realize the dream to study abroad in life, and even then they do not need to give. And it is no secret that in order to find the funding for the study, you need to work hard. But the crucial moment comes when you are applying for a scholarship. A major role is choose your candidacy or not, play your essay.


Step 1 – What is your essay


The first and most important step – to formulate a question that will meet your essay. Explore the features and specifics of the scholarship, as well as an organization that provides funding, define its purpose, values. Do not be lazy, waving excuses “Well, it’s obvious,” “I know,” etc. Highlight the information in the separate short paragraphs. You can also apply directly to the university or organization that provides scholarships, and ask them what should be an essay or what the main theme should be disclosed.


Step 2 – Research


Having determined the subject of your essay, begin to collect material which will form the basis of the document. Formulate for yourself a simple question, the answer to be found in your biography. For example, “How does your past experience in the business will help the future of international business?”. To answer this question, you need to structure your past experience – as a list, map or in any other format. Do not miss anything, particularly to formulate and write.


After that, go to the second part of the question (in the example – your contribution to the future of international business) and your research. Namely, identify existing problems in international business, and then consider how your experience will help to cope with them. Compare these two parts into one, which will show you in a favorable light. And do not forget to be very specific.


Step 3 – Brainstorming


Experience is good, but to “transcend everyone” and get a scholarship, you need ideas. Cool, fresh ideas. At this point, go to brainstorming. To “storm” that really need that structure your process by defining simple questions that need to be answered as part of its sphere. For example: the time difference, cultural features and characteristics of the work. During brainstorming sure to write down all your ideas on paper or tape recorder, nothing to miss.


Step 4 – The basic idea


After brainstorming need to identify the main idea, which will become your trump card. Refer again to the questions / answers technique. To do this, specify a simple question, which reflects the essence. Using selected examples about international business, this question could be: “Why study business etiquette in your country can be a useful and profitable.” Total, you have the main message of your essay.


Step 5 – First Draft


By defining the main message, proceed to writing a draft and record all that you have analyzed, remembered and invented. Create a complete and clear picture. Avoid complicated language, write your story, describing who you are and why bother doing all this. Show that you are a man. Personalization and “live” language will play in your favor at the moment when your essay will read the commission. They give money to people alive.


Step 6 – Timeout


Having finished the first edition, put the document to rest a few hours and join in with other things. Meet up with friends, clean up your apartment or garden, do exercises, jog in the park. Do not think of your essay, scholarships and so on. Switch to other things and relax.


Step 7 – Back to the start


After a “respite” carefully subtract essay for errors, evaluate its contents, analyzing whether all you have taken into account and was told in my story. Ask yourself the question, “And i like it?”. On completion of the check, give the document to assess and ask a friend to give honest and complete feedback. Do not expect praise and do not be afraid of constructive criticism, at this stage, it can be useful. If you write an essay not in your native language, be sure to give it to the control check the English-speaking person, even if they know the language very well. No other? Find a foreigner and pay him the money for the check.


Step 8 – Deadline?


It would seem that could be more banal? But candidates who are very fond of the preparation process, forget about the last date of receiving the documents and passed deadlines. Having spent a lot of time and effort to write an essay, remember the deadline for submission of scholarship applications. Otherwise, all the work will in vain.


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