How to write an autobiographical essay


Supplement the material


If possible, use lots of details and live dialogs


So you can revive the story for your readers. Describe people, places and other important aspects of your autobiography.

Describing the dress, present it not as a blue, but as a dress of the color of the evening sky with white lace beads on the sleeves.

Don’t say that you were nervous, describe the shaking hands, the heaviness in the stomach, the knees buckling.

Instead of mentioning an important conversation, try to recreate the dialogue itself.


Tell the story in a non-chronological order


It is not necessary to move in a straight line. Consider other options for filing a story.

The chronological order is suitable if you want to start the story by beginning the described events and move in order.

If you want to immediately load readers into the thick of events, then start from the middle of the story, and then go back to the beginning.

You can also start at the end, and then describe how you came to this.


Stay yourself


The worst thing you can do in an essay is to describe yourself as a person that you are not. The story should have your true character traits and experiences.

Don’t be afraid to use humor if it does not break the general tone of the narrative. In other words, sarcasm or black humor will be inappropriate in the story of sad events.





The story of your life should be simple and understandable. Don’t overload the essay with redundant information. Include only important details, but describe them as well as possible
Give your essay to a friend or relative. Let them express their opinion and help you make the necessary adjustments.



How to write an autobiographical essay (Part 3)