How to write an autobiographical essay


Autobiographical essay – it’s just an essay about the experiences. However, writing an essay is not so easy. This can be your homework, application or just a sample of writing. Whatever the reason, there are several key concepts and strategies that you should not forget about while writing. Read on and you will learn how to approach the creation of a first-class essay.


Draw up a plan


Choose an interesting story


It is best to describe the story that is memorable for you. Do not forget, you need to write about a special moment of your life, and not about all the years. To describe the whole of life, you might need a book more than one hundred pages. Instead, select a topic for which detailed coverage will be sufficient for the volume of the essay. Among other things, you can consider the following:

Personal achievement – winning a contest, getting a job or leaving school

Personal test is a difficult subject, a trauma or loss of a loved one

Essential experience – the emergence of a hobby, acquaintance with a best friend or a rest in the camp


The purpose of writing


Why do you write an autobiographical essay. Why do you want to tell this story? What purpose do you pursue?

If your essay is an attachment to the application, then carefully read all the instructions. If the statement has an indication or a question to be answered, then your essay must contain an exhaustive answer to it.

If this is your homework, then carefully read the requirements for it. You should make sure that the selected story matches the assignment. If you are not sure about something, ask the questions that you are interested in by the teacher or the teacher.


The target audience


Think about those who will read your essay. You need to take into account the needs and expectations of your readers before writing. Do a summary sketch of the facts about readers who should be kept in mind while writing the essay.

In the case of the appendix to the application, think about what it is important to know about you to the potential reader.

In the case of homework, try to anticipate the expectations of the teacher.


Consider the possible ideas


Before writing an essay, you should consider potential ideas and make notes. This will help you compose a list of ideas, free writing, grouping and a list of questions.

List of ideas. Make a list of available ideas on your essay, then browse through the list and group similar ideas. Then expand the list by adding new ideas or through other training options.

Free letter. Within 10 minutes, write down everything that comes to mind without changing anything in the text. Reread the written. Highlight or emphasize the most useful information for your autobiography. Repeat the procedure, using as a starting point the passages that you emphasized. Repeat as many times as necessary to get to the right ideas.

Grouping. Briefly write down the explanation of the topic of your essay in the center of the sheet of paper and circle it. Draw three or more arrows from the circle. Near each arrow write companion ideas. Continue to expand your group until you create as many connections as possible.

A list of questions. On a piece of paper, write “Who? What? When? Where? What for? How? “Between the questions, leave a gap of a couple of lines to fit the answers. Try to give a detailed answer to each of the questions.


Create a plan


Moving some ideas to paper, try to organize them into a plan for a future essay. The essay plan will help shape the structure of the entire essay, develop existing ideas and recall what you might have missed.


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