How to write an article


What is Article?


Article refers to the analytical genre. Author raises the problem, conducting its analysis and proposed solutions (concludes).

For example, in this article the problem – to teach the reader to write interesting articles for websites, magazines, newspapers and other. In the process we will examine how to do it, and formulate conclusions on the basis of the master-class.


Structure of the article:


1. Title


The phrase indicating the problem that the author proposes to analyze. Title of the article should be concise and clear, to attract attention, arouse interest. Good work headers, which contain a question.

An example of a good headline: “Is it worth it to buy shares in American companies?”

An example of a bad title: “Shares of American companies grow.” This title does not indicate a problem and it is not clear what will be dedicated to article.


2. Entry


As a rule, a single paragraph of text that reveals in detail the problem posed by the author, and indicates its importance to the reader. If the title draws the reader’s attention, it should encourage the entry to read the article to the end.

For example, you write an article on the theme of the car wash with the headline “Should I wash the car in the winter?”

Entry for an article might look like this: “Many car owners don’t know wash or not the car in winter. On the one hand – it is necessary to wash off the dirt from the car body with the reagents that are harmful to the body. On the other hand – washing the car in winter can harm because of the difference of body temperature and water (heat stroke). Let’s see what harms the car more.”


3. The content of article


It consists of analysis of the problem from the point of view of the author. You have to bring a different perspective to solve the problem and to choose the most suitable solution in your opinion. Article Contents enliven examples from personal experience, comments, quotes.

If the article gets more content is broken down into separate parts for each make a subtitle, as in this article on how to write a good article.


4. Conclusion


One paragraph with your conclusions. For example, in an article about a car wash, you can complete the article output – wash or not to wash your car in winter.


Writing the article step by step

You have chosen the theme of article (problem). What to do next?


1. Will constitute a plan. It can be short (as in the example below), or – in thesis. The plan reflects what conclusions we need to get and how to argue their position. At the stage of the plan can come up with a title – although a number of authors is more convenient to invent a title at the end.


Example of a plan for the article:



How to write an article?



The ability to write the article correctly and quickly – an important skill. It is possible to make good money. How to learn to write articles – you will learn from our master class.



Definition article

Requirements to the structure of the article (numbered list with examples)

The order of writing (a numbered list with examples)



We taught you to write articles!


2. Writing the introduction, in which denotes the importance of the problem for the reader.
3. Writing content according to plan. Use ordered and unordered lists for enumerations, tables and charts to present information.
4. Writing a conclusion.
5. Make a break for 5 minutes, drink tea or coffee.
6. Returning to the text of the article. Read it again, edit wording, ugly phrase, exclude from the text of redundant words. For example, the phrase “very good” can be replaced by the word “good.” Many introductory phrases can be removed (by the way, however, and others).
7. Come up with an interesting headline.


A couple of tips


Try to write short sentences. Without the involvement and verbal participle phrases. Without introductory words and word-parasites. Express thoughts in simple words. Use pictures to hold the attention of readers.

Using our instructions, you can write an article for a magazine, newspaper, website, your school or any educational institution to make scientific material or an interesting post for your blog.


Dare, you will succeed!


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