How to write a review


How do you decide worth your time and attention to a movie or a book? You say, “Read reviews, ask around friends and acquaintances.” And you’d be right. However, reviews are often subjective assessment. For example, fan fiction and fan of historical movies differently talk about their impressions of a movie. One of them will like the movie, the other does not find it anything special.

In journalism, there is such a genre – a review. It is the most objectively reflects the specific characteristics of the film or the book, of course, if written according to the rules. To learn how to write a review, I will tell you today, as every copywriter has to know this.

Review – a genre criticism, used to assess the nature of the information events – films, books, plays, works of science, art and the like. At the heart of any review is a review. But it’s not just a review, it provides an assessment reflected in the work or film reality in correlation with reality.

Review, at its core, is a critical article, but it’s distinguished by a small amount. The review must indicate the title, author, publication date, little is revealed content, and provides an overall assessment of the product.


General plan review:


1. Bibliography. This peer-reviewed information about the object. Here introduces the reader to the product (film). The title and author (director), year of publication or release in rent. There may also be mentioned, for example, that the author is the creator of some other well-known product or movie.

2. Content. The contents disclosed on the level of assessment, that is, you open the general idea, without going into details.

3. Evaluation. Evaluation usually expresses a general review of the author’s impression of the work (movie). Here, too, has its own nuances, because review can be:
– Independent or expert. Writes an independent critic of a professional.
– Order. Written by order, as a rule, in such a review is given the information necessary to the customer.
– Consumer. This is the real consumer reviews. Most often it provides the most complete, but subjective, assessment.
– Content. This assessment by the author of his work.


From a subject (author) typology of review follows the typology of the review on the project:
1. Literature.
2. Theatre.
3. Cinema review.
4. Trading.

This basic typology reviews. You can also select the type in the number of products (mono – and poly review) and volume (large, small).


How to write a right review


It’s not as difficult as it may seem at first. The review includes an analysis of the text in accordance with certain rules.

1. Disclose the meaning of the name.
2. Perform the analysis for compliance with the form and content.
3. Highlight features of the composition of the author of creation.
4. Pay attention to the author’s style.


Tips to help


* Any of your statement in the review would require support, so do’t limit yourself to just the words “like – not like it.”
* Your style of presentation of arguments should not be changed during the review.
* Consider not only a fascinating story, but also to comply with the genre.
* Do not use jargon to assess and profanity, it is dilettantism, and disrespect for, as the author and the readers.
* Express your personal assessment. Justify.
* Note the successful or unsuccessful, in your opinion, moments, argues why you think so.

Using this plan and using our tips, you can write a review without any problems. The main thing you have to at least look at or read the author’s creation, which is going to criticize.


All the best!


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