How to write a review of the movie so you want to see it


What to write


Reviews of movies that should just about to appear or has just come out in theaters. If the movie is already in progress, try to get there in the front row to the cinema and to write the text for fresh impressions on the same evening. Emotions that you get from watching trends will be reflected in the text. So you’ll have an incredibly topical article.


Would be great to write a review for the movie, which is just getting ready for the public. But here it is necessary to conduct research to find and study the reviews of film critics, who have access to a private screening. Gathering such information from various sources, you can write less emotional, but very interesting article.


Writing for


Ahead of weekends. Someone planned a family dinner, someone is going to hang out with friends, someone just decided to lie on the couch. These evenings are usually well tested at an interesting movie. What to see? To help – a million movie websites with descriptions and reviews of any movie.


Or another story. For six months everywhere catches advertising new Hollywood blockbuster “Jurassic World”. Going to watch or not to spend the money? Suddenly, fascinated by special effects, director forgot alluring story? Or go the whole family on the new cartoon “Puzzle”? Or there dad would be boring?


People often ask themselves these questions, and the answers to them, they used to search the Internet. Knowing this, we can easily imagine their readers and write just such a review, which will be useful for him.


Militants with special effects like to watch male audience, young people, teenagers. Focusing on their interests and using their usual speech, write a review in the same dynamic explosive style.


For families with children closer films about sensitivity, loyalty, love and other eternal values. So, we need to build it around that your article.


Plan review


Let’s agree right away that we do not write professional review, and the review of the same ordinary people like ourselves. Let the critics are engaged in conceptual and relevance. We will write about what we liked it or not. For its work, you can use the following plan:


A good title needs any decent article. Try to come up with one in which the name will appear on the tape. For example, like this:
Introductory paragraph confirms that it will be discussed about the movie from the header. Typically, a pair of proposals to introduce into the swing of things. At least so: «Pixar studio has once again confirmed its status as the family of cartoon country with deep philosophical meaning. This year saw the release of a feature-length animated film “Jigsaw.” Directed by Pete Docter and Ronaldo Del Carmen gave us a glimpse into the inner world of their children.”


A short plot. This block doesn’t have to fully disclose the contents of the movie (spoiler). It’s enough to indicate main points, and intrigue. “The episode from the life of eleven Riley Anderson, who had to move with her parents from a provincial town in the San Francisco became the basis for the cartoon. A difficult period of life is reflected in her emotions. The five basic emotions cartoon girl, joy, sadness, fear and disgust, were the protagonists, and learn to live in a new world”.


About the director, actors, interesting facts. The content of this part has always attracted the attention of readers. People are curious to know why it occurred to the director to shoot this movie. You can talk about the actors, who dubbed the movie. If you can add here a few movie blunders, views your comment will be doubled. “The story of” Puzzle “is simple and unique at the same time. Directed by Pete Docter decided to “humanize” some of her daughter’s emotions when he realized how difficult it sometimes cope with life’s challenges. Agree that every adult can understand your child and give a helping hand in time. ”
Own experience is no less important than the facts and storyline. Here you can share your feelings and help readers make the right choice. “It’s not often i’m able to feel the experiences of the main cartoon characters! Usually I feel escort, but then it was not possible to break away from the screen. I suddenly realized how stupid require their children adult behavior when he is unable to cope with emotions!”


movie review


Conclusion, advice, recommendations.


No need to write a lot especially. Just tell me whether or not to do you spend time on the trip to the cinema. Or tell who might be interested in, and who does not.
“If you’re waiting for an occasion to the whole family go to the movies, he appeared. Feel free to take tickets, that’s a good time.”


Well, if you saw the movie, which you seemed uninteresting or stupid then write about it too. Be sure to provide arguments why. Readers will decide whether it is necessary to listen to you. But definitely read your review before the end.