How to write a master’s dissertation


Students who are learning to write master’s dissertations, first of all, learn how to present the main thesis question and then answer it. Master’s dissertation may be the most important part of your graduate work, and properly selected thesis question, which is basis of all the work will convert it from category of boring work in the category of great works.


Choose a theme


Think about what interests you


You will have to spend a lot of time working on this project, so you should choose exactly the topic that you are interested in and really do not get bored soon.


Try to think about your favorite subject – it could be a particular author, theory, time period, and so on. Think about how best to explore the subject in greater depth.
If you have any problems when you are interested in choosing a research area, you can view the works written by you during the training in the magistracy, to find a specific topic that interests you.


Select thesis question


Carefully choose the questions for master’s dissertation, which affect important research and will cause issues in the education community and the readers. In your master’s dissertation, you have to answer the thesis question, give a clear justification for the answer in a written report, to be submitted to obtain a master’s degree.


Your work must necessarily be original content and provide answers to the question of research. Asked a question will help to focus on the subject under study, will do the work lively and interesting.


Conduct research


To answer the main question of your master’s dissertation, you will have to conduct a research if necessary. Read books, conduct experiments, do whatever it takes to answer the thesis question. Thus, you can see whether your project is moving forward, or else there is a problem over which you need to work. It will also help you to gather information that will need to go to the next level.


Select members of the commission


Typically, an expert commission consists of three professors: Chairman of the Commission ( “head” of the commission), and two teachers who will be reading your work. Better to choose the commission of those teachers with whom you get along, who can find time in their schedule to help you with the project, and who specialize in the field of science about your work.


There is nothing more annoying than to have a scientific director who is too busy , and can’t devote enough time to you and your project.


Choose the correct literature


Review your list of literature


Look at the literature and find out what materials are available, you can use to write your master’s dissertation. It’s necessary to take this very seriously, to ensure that your dissertation will be interesting, and it will not repeat what has already been investigated.
It’s important that your dissertation topic was the original and useful. To choose the right books, you should define the goals and objectives of your research, to know the views of people about the topic and the general opinion on the subject of your research. Capture the basic data about your topic, indicate scientists, who already involved in the study of this issue, and a list of resources used.


Select the sources


Primary sources written by a man, the first dealing with the subject, who study the history, theory and conducting experiments and so on. This is an important factual basis, which you will use when writing your master’s dissertation, especially if you write analytical work.


For example, a novel written by Ernest Hemingway or scientific article published in the journal in which the results of the study for the first time new documents are presented, can be considered as primary sources.


Select the secondary sources


Secondary sources – a literature that is written to the primary sources. It’s necessary to use them when writing a master’s dissertation, as you will need to demonstrate that you have a clear idea of the content of your work and know basic scientists who are engaged in research of your topic in this area.


For example, a book written about Ernest Hemingway novel or a scientific paper in the journal, which describes the conclusion of the experiment after some scientists, may be considered as secondary sources.


Make a list of resources used


Depending on your industry, you can provide much of the information on your research in the early chapters of the dissertation or insert links to resources used on each page. Anyway, you have to insert a lot of footnotes. You should specify the resources used during the writing of master’s dissertation, not to be confused after the completion of the work.


Enter links in a style that is appropriate for your discipline. The most common styles is style of the American Philological Association (APA), Modern Language Association (MLA) and Chicago style.


Insert links to every resource you used in the document text or a footnote.


You can use the software to manage the links. Using programs, you can insert and remove references in the text editing window, and they will automatically appear in the list of resources used.


Create a plan


Review the requirements in the field of your study and at the department


Standards for writing a master’s dissertation for english differ from standards for writing your master’s dissertation for chemistry. There are two types of master’s dissertation:


Qualitative. This kind of dissertation writing requires research, analytical or creative work. Usually this type of dissertations writing students humanitarian faculties.


Quantitative. This kind of dissertation involves experimentation, data measurement and recording of results. Typically, this type of dissertation writing for students of technical faculties.


Be clear about the purpose of your dissertation


Articulate the main thesis question to which the answer you’re looking for, conducting research. It’s important to formulate thesis clearly. If you have any problems with the formulation of the question, you may revise your work.


Prepare a plan


The plan will help you “know where you are now” when you write your work, as well as provide information to members of the commission about what you want to go and how you plan to do it.


Make a plan


You should find out the exact requirements of your university, but most of the master’s dissertation are as follows:


– Title page


– Page for signatures (with signatures of the commission members – your scientific director, they are usually put in the defense or after the dissertation admitted to protection)


– Annotation – a brief (about one paragraph) description / summary of the work carried out by you during the writing of dissertation


– The contents (with page numbers)


– introduction


– Basic part of the work


– Conclusion


– References and Bibliography


– Other necessary additions or notes


master’s dissertation


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