How to write a great essay


Create a workspace


One of the most common and easily avoidable mistakes that people make when starting to write an essay, a customization – applicants often start to write in the wrong place at the wrong time. What makes the environment inappropriate for productive work? It could be many things, but they almost always have a negative impact on the ability of the author to concentrate. Examples of factors influencing the productivity can be:


– Noisy environment
– Cluttered and dirty workplace
– Too many things that distract attention from the main task
– Congestion time interval
– Work on the essay in irregular hours, especially late at night
– Uncomfortable and workplace lighting


Although the above-described problems may seem trivial and obvious, they are, unfortunately, quite common. At one time or another time you may find that you are making some of these mistakes. Alternatively, you can work on an essay while traveling to work or student room, with one eye checking the mailbox, or late at night on the couch in a dimly lit room … All these scenarios are realistic. Given the number of essays that have to write each candidate, and the busy, it’s not surprising that people are writing essays in any free minute. For professional writing essays, and you have to go to work on it as a professional.


To create the appropriate working conditions, the following important steps:


Plan in your schedule time to work on the essay


The time interval should be long enough to hold a brainstorming session, and presentation of ideas on the essay. In addition, adherence to schedule is a must.


Find a suitable work area and use it every time you’re working on an essay


The easiest way to create an environment conducive to concentration – a comfortable chair and proper lighting. Try not to combine your workplace with a place to work on the essay. At the same time, work on an essay in the office is better than the train, on the couch with a laptop, which is on your lap or in a room with noisy neighbors.


Disable Internet connection


Nothing is more distracting than the temptation to check email, answer the IM-message or simply watch your favorite sites. Turn off your phone, turn off the wireless connection, and focus only on the topic of the essay.


Create a comfortable sound environment


Some people enjoy listening to music, others are distracted. Perhaps you will need headphones to simply protect against extraneous noise. Understand what the situation is comfortable for you and using all sorts of audio tools to create it. You nothing should distract from the work on the essay.


Eliminate psychological problems


There is nothing more difficult than to write at the time, when you dream or think about problems. Best of all you will be working at the moment, when you are focused only on the essay and its contents. Clearly, this is easier said than done, but you have to decide in advance all scheduled tasks prior to the start of work on the essay. Never start to work, if you feel tired or deal with complex issues.





It may seem strange to practice essay writing during the preparation of documents for submission to business school, but practice is the most effective strategy to master this art form. Let the adage “Experience comes with practice” is not always true, but there is no doubt that the practice will allow you to feel comfortable when using words, the allocation of the main ideas and the development of the structure of the essay. All of the above is of paramount importance in order to get the most out of this process.


Write a story in the first person on the bus ride (600 words long). Try to write the story in the first person, not starting every sentence with the word “I”. When you feel comfortable using the word “I” and do not consider the amount in the text, telling a great story that shows who you are as a person and candidate, and effectively bring this message to the reader.


Be specific!


Many candidates know that they have to be specific when writing your essay, but some still write essays with vague wording. One reason for this is confusion in the definition of “specificity.” It does not mean that you just give examples – if you’ve ever heard the expression “specific examples”, then you know that these words have different meanings (otherwise it would be redundant).


Writing specifically meant to exclude vague expressions, only to give detailed and accurate explanations. While this often means giving examples sometimes being specific is simply to reveal the idea.


Consider the following sentence, which is a typical part of the essay:


“After the conclusion of this transaction, I had the opportunity to hear different opinions and enjoy the company of different people with a unique experience.”


This proposal is the opposite of the content of the word “specific”, ie too vague. Consider a more specific embodiment:


“After the conclusion of this transaction, I was on the unusual dinner surrounded by Republicans and Democrats to prove their political views and opinions of the Korean businessmen familiar with American culture for only 2 days.”


Of course, the second sentence contains more fine words, and as long as the number of words is important, you do not have to sacrifice the specific details only for the volume. Using the rich and powerful style – is a reliable way to distinguish your essay and move away from the standard phrases.


The best way to keep your essay – and seek to exclude those snippets of text that look like a cliche or “too simple.” Look for words that have lost their impact due to excessive consumption and alter the basic idea that you are trying to convey. In addition, review your findings to make sure that they make sense.


If you look at the first example, you will see that the word diversity, variety, unique, are nothing more than a “cliche”. Offer specific details turns into a truly memorable conclusion to a deal.


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