How to write a conclusion


“All is well that ends well”. However, for some writers, the last sentence is the most difficult part. A little help, and you’ll learn how to finish your essays “with a bang!”. Read the steps below to get more information.


While writing, keep the main idea in mind


The last sentence should be closely related to the main topic, so that the reader has a sense of completeness. If you do not have a basic thought, this is a very big problem.


Reread the last paragraph


What points have you already covered? What words have you already written? What proposal structure did you use? The final sentence should sum up, and not a simple paraphrase.

Double reread the work / paragraph before passing to the conclusion. So, you will be convinced that you followed a logical explanation and are ready to complete the thought.


Decide on which note you want to complete


The purpose of the last sentence is to give a piquant conclusion, to appeal to readers’ emotions. Here are a few ways:

Humorous ending. Smile will leave a pleasant impression for a long time. However, humor should be relevant in this work.

The global ending. Slightly push the boundaries of the main theme to give a comprehensive effect and leave the reader in a warm and dizzy feeling. But don’t go too far (for example: “Therefore, everyone needs to eat!”), Otherwise the proposal will turn out to be too vague, blurry and ineffective.





Try to use the question in the end. So, the reader will remain alone with interesting thoughts that will not release him after reading for a while. The main thing is to make sure that you do not go too far from the topic.

Don’t try to sum up the whole essay in one sentence. Instead, leave the reader some food for self-reflection.

Try using the same sentence at the beginning and at the end. Remember, in the end should be the same thought as in the beginning.

So what? Answer this question and you will be able to write a conclusion. (Bring the idea to the reader’s world).

Practice. The more you write, the more you improve in aspects of writing, including the ending. Above all, do not forget the basic idea of the text.

Read the last sentence to friends and parents. Ask their opinion.


How to write a conclusion