How to teach the whole night


After reading this article, you will learn how not to fall asleep and to teach lessons all night! Our tips will help you learn “perfectly well”!




First you need to psychologically adjust itself to what it is you really need!

Drink a cup of coffee or any other energy drink. (If you are well rested before, this item can be omitted).

Find a partner. You do not have to sit in one place – you can talk on the phone or Skype. Of course, this will not help you to focus on your studies, but your friend will control, so you do not fall asleep.

Take away from your room computer and game consoles – then you will not be tempted to turn aside for a game, and you’ll be entirely devoted to studies.

Do not go to study in bed – so you definitely fall asleep! Better to sit on a chair (the chair will be tougher, the better) – only in this case you will be devoted to the studies by 100%.

In the room should be light – turn on all the lights – so you will be less likely to fall asleep.

Do not put books and notes of all subjects on the table. If the board will rest a few things, you will feel that you have left to learn quite a bit, and time will run faster.

Prepare all the necessary things (books, pencil case, notebook, etc.) in the evening, and then you do not have to wake the household, while you trying to find your pencil case at midnight.

Sit down and dig into the material under study. The better you looketh, the less you will irritate it all.

When you came home from school, take a nap at least a few hours. You also need to rest!

Study requires high concentration, so just think about the studied subject, and not something else.




Put in your room a glass of water, and if you want to drink, you do not have to waste time on a hike to the kitchen.

Once you feel that you fall asleep, get up and walk around the little room, you can do a
few push-ups.

Think about what motivates you.

Does not turn on the TV – monotonous speech pulls in a sleep.


teach the whole night