How to successfully pass the interview for admission to college


Many private schools (and colleges) tend to conduct interviews with potential students. Unfortunately, there is no formula for success in this case, since each individual situation, but in this paper provides practical advice how to most effectively be interviewed.


Wear nice clothes


This will show your interest in a positive result. Pick clothes semi-formal style. Jeans, no matter what you have to top it will pick up, will not be the best option for the interview.




Adults love polite teenagers. You have to say hello and introduce yourself. Refer to the selection committee with respect. “Hey, how are you doing, dude?” – Probably not the best treatment option. Just say “Hi!”, Smile and shake hands, if appropriate in your area.


Sit back


Interview time will likely take between 20 minutes to an hour, so sit down so that you feel comfortable. Member of the selection committee may think that you are not interested in obtaining a place in the school, if you are constantly fidgeting in your chair. You should also turn off all electronic devices, if you have not already done so. Most likely, you would feel very uncomfortable if your mobile phone has played a melody, such as “American Idiot.” This slight moment you could undo the good impression you have made on the receiving member of the Commission in the course of the interview.


Listen carefully


Most of the questions asked during the interview, as a rule, due to the different aspects of your life, especially your education and social life; they are not designed to catch you. Therefore, you do not need detailed answers and excessive stress. Member of the selection committee know their job well. Be careful and you will be able to answer all the questions.


Stick to the topic


Focus on the topic of your visit during the interview. Although it is not necessary to answer in monosyllables, but also should avoid complex speeches. You must answer clearly and quickly.


Keep calm


Member of the selection committee wants to meet you. His goal – to determine if you are worthy candidate for study at their school or college. Nervousness – this is normal, hysteria – not. You do not want to be considered for the emotionally unstable students who are not able to cope with stress. Member of the selection committee is not a psychologist.


Speak confidently


Your goal – to persuade the receiving member of the commission that you are the best and that you are worthy of study in this school. You need to do everything possible to the selection committee believed that their school will lose a lot, not taking you. Tell about all your achievements, but do not show off to others do not think of you as a person arrogant. Show that you are an integral personality. A variety of extra-curricular activities is a real plus. Since every school and college has a specific focus, pay attention to the fact that it is interested in this educational institution. For example, if you choose a school has a strong scientific basis, emphasize your interest in ecological studies. Pay attention to their uniqueness.


Ask questions


Not only that, the ability to ask good questions – a sign of intelligence, so you can show your interest. Nowadays, many students do not care about anything other than TV. Private schools want students with the right motivation. Be interesting than just another applicant. Do everything you can to a member of the selection committee no doubt chose you.


Say thanks


Once again, the adults love polite teenagers. Do not forget to mention that you were nice to talk to. Even if you think that not all was smooth, finish the interview on a good note.




Maintain eye contact. Always show respect.

Be happy and cheerful! Few people like to communicate with the unfortunate man.

You want to be in good mental and physical shape? Sleep at least eight hours, and eat nutritious food.

Think before you speak.

Pick the right clothes. As a rule, the dress – code for schools and colleges include a suit and tie for boys and blouse with a skirt or a dress for girls. Find out in advance what the requirements are in your school.

Avoid topics related to politics or finance. Your interview is not the time to talk about the stock market or the war in Iraq.

If you are not very satisfied with his interview, reassure yourself that you can manifest itself in something else, to go to college. For example, write creative essay.




There is a difference between confidence and arrogance. You must be confident in your abilities, but do not be arrogant.

Even if you want to be perceived as a qualified candidate, you should never lie about their achievements.

Moderation is the key to success. You want to show interest? Do it, but only in moderation. Be polite, but not hypocritical.


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