Working on the world of book


Imagine the world of your book


Where does action in the book? How looks houses? How cities were build? How looks nature around? Thought? Now write down all aspects of the world, all-all-all! So you stay the course with descriptions during further work, and will be able to create a more realistic and rich details of the world.
You can say anything you want. – Your task is to get readers to submit it to believe it.


Think about the logistics


Let’s say you’re writing about a group of adventurers who need to get to the fabulous city on the other side of the mountains. All right, yes, the problem is only one – do not move so easily across the mountains. It’s long. During the transition certain something – yes it happens. You can not just translate the characters through the mountains for two days, though it is a walk in the park! In other words, To compare the complexity and length of the route with the characters spent on this time.


Think about the feelings and perceptions of readers


To get them to immerse themselves in a book, have a good think about this question. It is not necessary to inform the reader that the characters eat – tell us how fat splashed into the fire, as the bone cracked under strong teeth as carried smoke from the fire.


Create a work place


Think about how you write


How do you want to write a book? Progress, you know, does not stand still, and now you can not only write pen on paper. You need to choose the method that appropriate you best – but do not forget that it may have an impact on the process of publishing a book.
You can write with a pen on paper, a typewriter, a computer, or use a program that recognizes the voice and converts it into text. The choice is yours.


Find a work place


It should be such that you can work without interruption. Plus, there should be easy to write a book as you decide to write it. Often written in a cafe, at work or at the library.


Don’t forget about own life


In order not to be distracted at work, everything should be on hand. And many even appears a kind of habit of keeping close to some particular thing, without which the work is not: for example, a bag of nuts in your favorite desktop or favorite chair under the fifth point. Do not ignore it all!


Writing on schedule


Think about your writer habits. Do you know yourself? You know. How do you write? Here, it is also necessary to learn. When you spell better? Where? Perhaps the most productive work, you first need to read another book? If you know the answers to these questions, then you can work as efficiently as possible, without being distracted by trifles. Create a kind of literary work schedule on the basis of all these habits.


Write in one and the same time


Made a schedule? Good! Now, do not forget to observe it with the utmost rigor. Allow time for the writing and only for writing. Free writing can ever do, but – for a fixed time. As you develop the habit of working in the same time, which will make your work more productive.


Write in parts


Yes, sometimes to write a book – a very, very difficult. But is this a reason to stop and give up? And it is because of this book often remain unfinished. It is necessary to you? Do what gives you new powers to work on a book, even if everything goes hard and against the grain. The main thing – do not forget to come back to the difficult parts then when the muse visit you again.


More specific advices


Start writing a book! You have completed all the stages of preparation for work on the book, so it’s time to start working. Well, then, depending on what the book should look for more specific guidelines and manuals.

Do not hesitate to ask for help – always useful to know what they think about the book of strangers, especially if you yourself can not say that was good, and that – so-so.

Do not invent the name as long as you finish. The best option you can think of, most likely, have to complete the work.

Always keep on hand is something than can be written sudden visit you an excellent idea. Remember, enlightenment can happen anywhere and anytime!

Best of all books sold in the volume of 200-250 pages.


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