How to start motivation essay


Where to start and how to finish? As quickly and efficiently сreate a letter of motivation


Start writing with a completely clean slate – terribly painful. Even if there are ideas and thoughts of the appropriate and correct some sentences afoot, it’s still so hard to start writing, if in front of you is literally a blank sheet. It is unclear what to say at the outset that the mention in the middle and a finish at all.

Letter of motivation much more interesting, because is necessary to write text about himself, not about something that you can explore what you can read and gain ideas.

How you can make this task easier and faster to prepare a convincing and original cover letter?

i recommend to keep in mind a writing structure and a number of issues that you will certainly need to highlight that the essay has turned the proper level.

Universities often cunning and say that the motivation letter you just need to write about your motivation to learn in a particular university and at a certain program (very obvious!).

Of course, it is the foundation, but the selection committee is looking for more in an essay applicants: see your character, to understand your abilities and potential to see your plans for the future, make sure that you will be a worthy member of the university community and others.


And how it all fit in one letter?


Start writing taking as a basis a rough structure, as set forth below. So you can start preparing the motivational letters faster and easier. This is the key – the main thing to start, and then the process will go faster. In addition, when all write, you will think that much to add that in some places to change that overwrite – when there is a basis, further modifying the letter is much easier.


So, prepare a short text in response to these four key questions:


1. Why are you applying for this course?

Why are you interested in this direction and this program? You continue your training in the same specialty or decide to carry out his dream with the help of the Master’s program? What exactly are you interested in this program, and why?

1.1 Tell us how your training is associated with the choice of the Master’s program
1.2 Tell me, how is your professional experience with a selection of the master’s program (work, training, participation in projects, conferences, and so forth.)


2. Why are you a suitable candidate for this program?

You can repeat that your academic and professional experience perfectly match the requirements of the program. And appropriate to give more information about your achievements, skills, experience, findings that enhance the understanding of the admissions committee that you are the ideal candidate.


3. Why are you choosing this particular University?

This is a very important part of where you need to say clearly why you have chosen Master’s program at a particular university. And the common phrases such as “highest ranking” and selecting the “best university” just give a superficial hue throughout the essay. Make mini-research and find the key reasons why the university you are interested in. Look at the site (there is always a lot of information!), Look for opinions in the forums, talk to alumni, check reviews in newspapers and magazines.


4. What are your future plans after graduation?

Even if you do not have at present a clear idea in what country and in what company you want to work after graduating (this is normal – 90% of all applicants are not confident in their future choice of the employer), to designate the slightest hint of further plans – is captivating. It may be only 2-3 sentences, but to show that you have goals for career development.


motivation essay


Have fun writing!