How to start an essay with a quote


Writing an essay – a serious task that requires the writer’s skill and ability to consistently express thoughts. Therefore, in order to impress the reader, you have to approach a balanced selection of quotations. Catch phrase or quote immediately attracts attention and generates the reader’s first impression of your essay, so you need to choose an appropriate quotation with deep meaning. At the same time we must remember that the text should be quite exciting and interesting to seize the reader’s attention. Over time you will realize that the search for quotes not only help improve the essay, but also interesting in itself. Normally, put the quotes at the beginning of the work. They always make a strong impression on the reader and become an integral part of the work.


Find a quote related in meaning to the theme of the essay and reflects your main ideas.


Remember that quote and citation – it’s not the same thing. You can quote in speech, but in an essay inserted citations. Therefore, only use the word “quote”.


Do not forget the quotation marks denote the beginning and end of each quotation. This symbol indicates that the text inside is taken from another source.


Try to find a quote that matches the content of the essay. Moreover, used a quotation should support your ideas.


Using quotations in an essay is not difficult. Find a good quote, consider it, and insert it into your work.


start an essay with a quote