How to release your own magazine


Preparation of the first edition


Plan the first release


Start with the list of future articles, determine if the magazine will only have sections with photos, and where you put them. Even if you do not have ready-made materials, you can still distribute each page. Make a rough draft of the layout, nail the “fish” (lorem ipsum dolor …) text, take the first images from the Internet, in general – make a rough draft.

Inspired by this rough draft, writers and designers will understand what needs to be done, sales and promotion managers will understand how this should be sold and promoted, the section of publications will be able to determine the cost of printed services.


Prepare the “fish” for future releases


While your employees are preparing materials for the first release, sketch the next six editions. Note that the deadlines in the publishing business are coming quickly, so do not put it off all the time. It is simply necessary that the second edition be ready for printing by the time the first copy of the first edition comes out of the printing house. Work ahead of schedule for a month ahead.


Prepare a list of articles and stories that you can use in the future


Some materials will have to be thrown out of the magazine due to lack of space, inconsistency with the main edition topic and so on. These materials can come in handy later.

It may happen that a freelance writer writes a good story about a deer herd that inexplicably appears on New Year’s Eve in a Christmas tree nursery. Will write in July. No problem – just add this article to the list, and paste it into the December issue.


Launch the site


After preparing the first edition, make a website. It does not have to be too complicated, it’s more important that people can see the magazine’s advertising and get acquainted with the future content before buying a magazine. In addition, the site – an excellent place to work and communicate with the readership, on the forum you can get invaluable feedback from readers.

Customize the site so that part of the materials and articles are available to everyone, and the other – only to subscribers.


Keep working


Now that you have a team, a design has been worked out, and writers and photographers are ready to create, make the first release. Yes, there will be unexpected problems and difficulties. Yes, everything may not be the way you planned. But the work will give you an unforgettable experience, and – in the end – you will have your own magazine!


Further work


Pay attention to the feedback (be prepared to accept constructive criticism)


The first issue will teach you a lot, but this is only the beginning. When readers read the first issue, and advertisers will see their ads, you will undoubtedly get a lot of feedback. Pay attention to them.

Maybe readers like what you write about, but they do not like layout? Find out what they do not like. Perhaps your design is simply not suitable for the target audience. But don’t rush to change everything at once, weigh the pros and cons.

Analyze the price policy. People often complain about prices, but the point is in another – did they buy the goods? If you get a lot of reviews from the series “A magazine like cool, but it’s expensive!”, It makes sense to review the pricing policy – either to cut prices or insert more advertising.


Remember what actions went good for the magazine


If the advertising of the magazine has worked, keep advertising it. The Columnists brought a lot of positive reviews to the magazine? Continue to work with these people. Or did the people like the box with the comments of different people that you put in order to score a place? Do the same in the next release! Make it permanent. Watch out for readers’ reactions, both positive and negative.


Improve the journal


Keep track of what is good, that is not. The market is changing, times are changing, and therefore, regardless of the topic of the publication, you are waiting for both good times and not so. Try to stay ahead of time a step forward, and this is possible only with thorough knowledge of subject, and then you will succeed. Good luck!




The original task will be “survival”, not profit for buying luxury cars and villas. Literally, “survival”. Of the hundreds of new journals, only units are published for more than two years. “Making millions” is a completely different formulation of the question. However, more optimism – even new magazines always have a chance to gild their owners.

Be prepared and proactive. Plan for possible options, consider possible difficulties, have a plan for all occasions. Be prepared for any surprises, having a plan, but it is better to prevent all possible troubles.

Be a realist, not a pessimist. In the end, the publication of the magazine – it’s just business and creativity. If everything goes as it should, you will earn money. If everything goes bad, then you will gain invaluable experience.


How to release your own magazine (Part 2)