How to release your own magazine


All your life you dreamed of releasing my magazine? Want to write about your favorite hobbies (skateboarding? shopping? Stars and celebrities?), Or tell the world about an important problem? Either way, this article will help you start publishing your magazine.


Preparation of the edition


Arrange a brainstorm to work out the concept of the magazine


Before you start building a publishing empire, you need to do a lot. If you still do not have a concept, call a friend you trust and start exchanging ideas. Here’s what to discuss:

What topic will your journal focus on? It is better to write about what you love and know well (for example, sports, fashion, computers or social networks). Only by publishing a magazine on your favorite topic, you can make it interesting and useful for readers.

What will be the target audience? The answer to this question will help determine the possible concept of the journal. For example, if you write about fashion, the target audience will determine the style, content of the magazine and future advertising revenue. Magazines for teenagers, men over forty and twenty are very different in design, color schemes, logos, speech style and so on. Determine the age, gender, income level and place of residence of future readers.

How serious will the magazine be? Strangely enough, you need to decide whether you want your magazine to be considered an authoritative publication (in the world of cuisine or fashion), or the magazine will be an easy entertaining reading, filled with rumors.


Decide on the content


It will take a lot of time, effort and money to get people interested in their magazine. Moreover, you need not only to keep the existing reader base, but also to win new readers!

For example, you write about buying houses. Then your magazine can be of interest to three groups of readers: for buyers, sellers and intermediaries. Nevertheless, only an intermediary can become a regular reader, in this case – a realtor, it will be your permanent target audience (it’s not about investors, it’s a completely different level and another market).


Get useful acquaintances


To make the business successful, you will have to communicate with many people who will help your magazine become successful. Therefore it is very important to get acquainted with the people who are influential in this business.

If your magazine is for climbers, it will be very useful to get acquainted with the stars of mountaineering, the best writers on this topic and so on. Even a passing mention of your magazine from the mouth of the stars and industry leaders is a pledge if not success, then, at least, a very good start. And if you devote a magazine turn and photo shoot to a world class climber – consider that you have already won.

Talk to people who have experience in starting a business. In addition, it is useful to find acquaintances in the printing industry. Discuss this issue with your financial adviser in the bank, lawyer, talk to printers, site designers – with everyone who can share the wealth of their knowledge and experience.


Examine competition


Look at the magazines already working in this niche. What makes them successful? What are you doing better? Think about what will distinguish your magazine among many other publications.


Prepare a business plan


So you determine what you are going to do now, and what you need to do in the future. We will have to take a sober look at the potential income, sensibly assess competitors and so everything to formulate, so that it was always clear what you need to do.

A business plan is necessary when looking for an investor. The investor will rather invest in the project, in which time and considerable efforts are already invested.

Contact a consulting company to develop an effective and reliable business plan. This will require certain costs, but in the end it will save a lot of money.


Preparing the team


Assemble the team


Having determined the concept of the magazine and its target audience, you can proceed to recruiting the team to make the magazine a reality. Well if you initially have сo-founder. Don’t think that you will cope with everything yourself. Find like-minded people and invite them to the team.

Write articles – the work is long. It takes even more time to shoot and process photos. Nesting, searching for advertisers, distribution, working with readers – all this takes a lot of time. And everywhere specialists are required. So, if you do not plan to do one release every six months, you should think about the team now.


Hire management personnel


Although you will be the chief executive, you will have to do other things: reading texts, making orders, looking for printing and financing, and much, much more. Therefore, competent management personnel are needed, capable of leading different stages of the publishing process. You will need the following staff:

Head of the publications section. Someone who will work with printing houses, consider the cost of publishing, read galley and monitor the quality of the finished magazine, shorter answer for everything. You need a person who knows all the gears of the publishing mechanism.

Advertising manager. A lot of the journal’s income – especially in the beginning – comes from advertising. Therefore, you need a person who will sell ads in the magazine.

Marketing Manager. What is the point in the finished magazine, if nobody knows about it? The marketing manager will help to realize your magazine in newsagents, bookstores and so on. In addition, the marketing manager will help to compete better with other publications.


Hire writers and designers


For starters, it may be better to hire freelancers: writers, editors and photographers. The cost of freelancers is less, and at the same time, in most cases, they do their work at the highest level. As for graphic design, think about the contract with the design studio, which has experience with beginning magazines.

Writers and editors. All these elegant and clever proposals and articles should be written by someone, and then edited, made up and included in the table of contents. Focus on editing.

Designer. What will the magazine look like? Again, it all depends on the theme of the magazine and the target audience. See how different the magazines as Wired and The New Yorker. Bright colors, unusual page layout and an abundance of white fields have become a business card Wired. Now this is one of the most popular magazines for people interested in computer technology. Compare with The New Yorker magazine, with pastel drawings on the cover, witty cartoons, detailed articles, traditional layout and fonts.


Find a printing house


The printing house will be required only after the creation of the first issue. Visit several print shops before choosing one. Find out the pricing, specify the experience of the printing house in printing magazines and so on.

Look for reviews on this printing house. If you find a tip like “All pages printed diagonally and still billed!”, Run as fast as possible from this printing house.


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