How to read several books at once


Reading several books at the same time is not for everyone, but sometimes it is useful, and you need to get a lot of information or simultaneously enjoy works of different genres. Switching between books, each of them remains new to you, and this can be a good way of comparing them. If you are not sure what to read, starting several books at once, you can decide to choose one of them.

If you have a choice what to read, try to read everything at once and see what will come of it.


Schedule the time to read


If you do not read any books, and then run several simultaneously, you completely slow down the reading process. Even if you only have a few minutes to read every day, you can still switch between different books.


Select several books according to your interests and motivation to read


Books can be linked or unrelated, depending on your goal. If you are researching a particular topic, they are likely to be connected. If you read for pleasure, books can be any choice that you want.

Choose books that attract you. It will be easier to return to the book in which you are enjoying.


Check each book


You can read the beginning (one at a time) or the preface. Read the table of contents, read or review the conclusions, introductions and conclusions.


Start reading each book until your attention is fresh to it


Try to start reading the day you returned it home, or the day the project started. Use your new interest to read most of the new book in the first set. Completely devote yourself to reading each book in turn. After reading more for the first time, you will also get a good advantage.
You do not need to start several books in one day to read them at the same time. Instead, try the “ladder” principle by going to the next one before you finish the first one.


Lay out the books around you


Leave one on the nightstand, the other near the dining table and the third in the bag. Read this book, which is closer to the place where you are. Choose a book according to the focus or mood that you have when you visit a certain place.

Put one in your home bathroom in easy access from the toilet, especially if it is a scientific literature with many short subtopics. You will be surprised at how often you read in the bathroom. Do not put it where the shower can soak it, and always during the bath take a towel to wipe your hands before touching the pages. Perhaps you need to provide a shelf for books in the bathroom.


Mix books of different types and formats


Listen to an audiobook in the car, save a paperback or an e-book in your bag, get e-books on your iPad, etc. Depending on your goal, select books in different subjects, it’s easy and difficult to understand that you have a choice for different places and moods. Reading on various topics will help you to distinguish books.

Your mind can well cope with the perception of various books read in the same period of time, but in different places. So, there are books for a car or a train, for work and work, books for sleeping and reading before bed, books for instructions, for example, cookbooks.

It should be borne in mind that reading a book volume with a political background before going to bed will be more difficult than reading in a light genre. This is another good reason to have several books at once! A good choice for reading before going to bed is to reread the old favorites, when you know what ends in the story, and it’s easier to postpone it when you are already sleeping.


Plan your reading time, even if not strictly


If the dates of project do not make you read faster, notice when you start each book and how you go. Use this information to focus on the book.


Do not ignore any of the books for so long to forget the story or wherever you read it


Books that you read at the same time must compete for your attention. If the book interests you much less than others, change your approach. Read this book separately. Read this book with other people of the same level of interest. Or do not read it at all.


Read right away, if you can, the whole chapter or section, or at least find a suitable place to stop


Reading the whole section at a time will help keep continuity when moving from one book to another. Reading one or two short sections of a book at once can also help to better understand texts that are difficult to read.


Let your focus and preferences guide you


If you are caught by books and have a desire to continue on, go ahead. Read a book that you are able to read in this mood.


Read a difficult book, using as a reward funny book


Read some time a funny book after you go through a difficult book.


Take notes in key places as you read or mark the pages you will need to find again for the project


Try devoting more time to reading endings and paying less attention to other books for a while


Endings in fiction are often the most intense part of the story. In the scientific literature, they usually contain conclusions, conclusions and other important information. Either way, try to read with greater continuity towards the end.


Finish the books


Although you choose many books to read at the same time, be sure to continue reading the most important of them to the end.




Experiment with different reading styles and patterns until you find what is best for you.

Your reading pace will naturally increase with practice. Keep focus on understanding and adjust the pace of reading as necessary.

Sometimes you should stop reading a book that does not hold your attention. When reading for fun, drop those that you do not find funny or interesting. When reading for a project or study, skip any inappropriate books or read only those parts that you need.

The library is a great place to get a book for testing, especially if you are not sure what you want to read.

Make written notes when reading research books. Insert your notes as bookmarks. If you recorded something, it will help you to restore your train of thoughts and remember the information you read. Small sketches can also help if you can later figure them out.

If you prefer, you can read many books consistently, especially if parallel reading is not acceptable for you.

Count how many books you can simultaneously read comfortably. Start with two or three books and increase the number when you get the experience of switching between books.

Read together about unrelated subjects, genres and ideas. This can help you differentiate books. In addition, it can sometimes lead to a combination that you would not otherwise have considered. Take the opportunity to explore different topics simultaneously.

Especially when reading numerous books of the fiction genre, select those whose stories occur in different periods, or have completely different themes, in order to avoid confusion of characters and storylines.

Keep in mind the dates and the start and end dates of reading, if they are installed.

Take precautions to avoid losing or damaging library books.


How to read several books at once