How to reach the best grades


Studying for A+ is quite tedious, but our step-by-step recommendations will help you achieve the desired result.


Work hard throughout the school year


Write notes after each lesson, not during it. Maximum concentrate on the lessons and write down only the headlines and basic provisions, and carefully place all the detailed explanations in a separate notebook at home. Draw the tables and diagrams that you might find useful in your studies. If the school rules don’t prohibit this, you can write down the teacher’s explanations on the phone, and then rewrite them in the notebook at home.


Make sure that all your notes are done neatly


If you have already attended several classes, rewrite your notes in a more accurate and organized way, adding additional information that you have learned since that time. Remember, the more you know about the subject, the better.


Organize a weekly schedule


Teach all subjects daily a little. This will help you better understand and remember, and apply the knowledge that you received earlier. After completing all the tasks for the week, draw up a schedule for the next one. Rest from school only 1 day a week. Be strict towards yourself and complete all scheduled tasks!


Try to finish the study of the material four weeks before the exam


So you will have enough time to review the abstracts, practice and answer additional questions.


Answer the maximum number of questions – this is very important for practice


Avoid stress and boredom


If you can not find anything interesting in the subject, try to interest yourself by studying the biographies of famous scientists.


Do regular habits, strictly follow the plan, but do not overwork. If this happens, change the situation


Have a rest


Do not spend the whole day studying a topic that you can learn in a couple of hours. Let the brain rest and do not forget about physical activity. Remember that “in a healthy body – a healthy mind”, and only this will help you to learn “perfectly”.

Motivate yourself and strengthen self-discipline


Do not be shy of your worry


Adopt the fact that it is normal to be nervous and it shows your serious attitude towards learning.




Think about studying positively, in the end you will be happy to learn!

Learn in a quiet place so that nothing distracts you.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help from friends and teachers.

Regularly do exercises to be in good physical shape, as this affects the brain.

Learn early in the morning. The brain works best in the morning.

Adhere to a healthy and balanced diet. This is directly related to your learning ability.

Practice as often as possible.

Time is a key point in this process, so stick to the timetable.

Always bring a bottle of water with you to school. Water is the only drink that is necessary for life.

Find the best way for yourself to learn. Some read aloud, others several times record everything they found out.

If necessary, choose a mentor who will support you with advice and give additional tasks.

“Success is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent sweat” (Thomas Alva Edison).
Do not miss topics that seem easy to you, because some of them will be crucial. Be sure to know all the topics that will be on the exam!

The school leaving certificate is received by everyone, but that there are only one five in it, you will need to make a lot of efforts.

Don’t think that it will be easy for you to achieve an excellent level in all subjects.

Use the lists of exam questions and that instruction and make sure that you did not miss anything.

Don’t look in the answers section when you are doing the tasks, but use your notes or textbooks. Look at the answers only if you really do not know. Otherwise, do this only after you have completed the work to check how well you did everything.


How to reach the best grades