Writing essays


Write the main part


Now you are completely ready and can start writing! This step is performed quickly enough if plan. The main part typically includes at least three paragraphs. They should develop each of the levels thesis and argue your claim.


Each paragraph should have an introductory offer with the theme. It explains the essence of each paragraph. For example, when writing essays on the labor force during World War II, state: “Women are an important part of the labor force during World War II, as they mastered new professions previously practiced only by men.”


Each paragraph should contain supporting example. So, if you are writing an essay on the labor force during the Second World War, we can say: “During the war, many women become welders, which demonstrates the change of gender roles in the workplace.”


The introduction and conclusion are written in the last turn


This is often the most difficult and time-consuming part of the work. The introduction should be a reference, and be able to interest readers in reading the whole paper. Conclusion the essay concludes by reminding the reader of your argument their importance. It is better to first write a draft of the main part of the work, and then move on to the introduction and conclusion, to have a clearer idea about the pros and the importance of these.


Start with a broad contextual statement, but do not make it too wide, so as not to lose relevance. These options start as “Throughout history,” or “In a modern society” are vague and can not be immersed in the context of your argument.


Try to imagine the introduction of an inverted pyramid. Start with a broad introductory statements and gradually narrow it to the thesis.
Enter your thesis at the end of the final paragraph.
Work on the first sentence. It should interest and attract attention. You can start with a bright example or quotation mark.


The conclusion must bind together all the threads of argument. In some cases (motive composition) can include a call to action. You can also return to the initial episode or example in the introduction to your work had perfect symmetry.


The language must be clear and concise


No need to write stilted. Make clear statements that are easy to understand. That one word, does not require an entire phrase. Use clear words to the reader. It makes no sense to artificially decorating work, relying on synonyms, because your arguments should be clear and understandable.


Keep track of the passive voice. Novice writers often use the passive voice, as it is often more cumbersome, it is confused with the brightness of the text. Here is an example of passive voice: “Increasingly, it is believed that the current increase in violence in society triggered by video games.” The absence of the subject in the form of a noun or pronoun often indicates a passive voice. Make it active: “A lot of people blame the video games in the current increase in the level of violence in society.” Since the proposal will have a clear structure: People (subject) blame (predicate) video games (direct object).
Avoid wordy constructions like “It is considered that,” or “This shows that.” It can be reported simply: “People believe that” or “That means”.


Use appropriate style and tone


Subject and object are considered to determine the style of composition. There may also be specific instructions from your teacher.
Sometimes a short essay better to write in the first person. If you want to write a personal or persuasive essay, the first person will be much more effective than the third.


Enable a parallel sentence structure. proposals can often sound bad, if you do not use a parallel structure. For example: “The salary is more important for university athletes than a scholarship.” Make the sentence parallelism: “The salary is more important for university athletes than scholarship.”


Use transitions


In a good essay paragraphs are related. Such passages demonstrate the connectivity of your ideas and thoughts, show a clear relation to the thesis. Transitions can be placed at the end of a paragraph or included in the introductory sentence of the next paragraph.


Here are examples of word ligaments: similarly, as compared with, as a result, in other words. During text editing, use different options to choose the most similar in the style of the word.


Editing works


Take a break


Amends prudently, then re-read the text again. Well edited composition is very different from the original version. But before such work your brain needs a rest. Clean thoughts enough to objectively assess your own text in the editing process. You will be easier to notice an error with a fresh mind. Be sure to distract at least for a couple of minutes from your work.


Use modern technologies


Of course, you are sure to re-read your work to find and fix errors. But do not be afraid to use the spell checker. It is only necessary to remember that after this essay should be read as the program checks only the form but not the content.


It is important to know that the spell checking in text editors can often offer options such “fixes” that are wrong. Always reread the proposed options.


Read aloud


In spite of all the strangeness, read your work aloud to see how it sounds. You can also use help from outside. Ask a relative, friend or classmate to listen to part of the text. Suffice it to read even the introductory part, to identify possible problems.


Check references


Be sure to check the accuracy of the sources cited. It is necessary to specify all direct quotations, facts or ideas of others, which are given in the text. Check the correctness of the links that the teacher was pleased. If in doubt, always refer to the source.


Maximum edit and correct your essay


Once again, re-read the text, paying attention to the unnecessary words – get rid of all the excess. Good proofreading will focus on the key ideas that you want to highlight the text. splicing also give the professional appearance, logical structure and organization.


Write the name


The title should be concise but succinct. It indicates the topic, but you need to stick to simplicity and clarity. During editing, it is important to keep in mind about the title, because when reading often good ideas are born.


There are several ways of drawing up names. You can start the name with a question: “How to …” or “Why …”. Another way is to select a specific example that will be used in the composition, but will serve as a first point of your name.


Final essay check


All ideas are clearly expressed? Transitions are read without a hitch? All errors corrected? To answer these questions, slowly re-read every word of your writings. If you are happy, then your workl is done!


quickly write an essay




If you want to relax, i always take breaks. Writing essays requires considerable experience! Ask for help from experienced people who work on errors and bring your text to perfection. writing experts always happy to edit or proofread your work.