How to quickly write an essay on two pages


Write two-page essay – difficult task. In the end, for writing texts requires special skills and a lot of practice. If you are well prepared and have made a concrete plan, you will be able to cope with the task quickly and successfully. Write texts must not only students and pupils, but also representatives of various professions. Many such a task is given quite difficult. To maximize the efficiency (and painless) process is important systemic approach.




You must be ready to write


This is the first step in a rapid writing essays. It is important to make sure that nothing distracts you, and everything you need (paper and computer) is at hand. Create the right conditions. If you prefer to work in silence, it is better to go to the library. If you need background noise, turn on music or work in cafe.


Choose a theme


To successfully works need to be clear about it, why it is so important to decide on the theme. The easiest way to write about what you’re interested in, so try to choose something that will awaken your curiosity (if there is a choice). For a given volume is important to choose a narrow topic, to have time to consider it.


If you have been given specific instructions, then decide how to approach the issue. For example, getting a task, “Write an essay on the women’s movement. How it successfully? “, You should decide on the party. Narrowing the focus, it will be easier to structure your work.


Having a broader task, you can choose your own theme. For example, in the case of a task “Write about something interesting you ‘do not need to select the topic “Sports”, especially for a two-page essays. Choose a specific topic such as “Features of traffic in our area.”


Understand the subject


It is important to understand the selected topic. For example, when writing essays on foreign literature on the example of the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”, you must first read the book. Think about what you know about the topic. Now is the perfect time to find out if you need additional information.


Hardly you will need to gather information for a two-page essays, but if you are not sure about the requirements, then better check with the teacher.


Gather materials


If, during the study the question you do write, they should have a cluttered appearance. Bring them in order to easily find the desired information. When using information from the Internet are advised to bookmark pages so as not to be interrupted by repeated searches. Now it’s time to check for any guidance on writing essays. If a teacher or your boss provide specific instructions, it’s make for a reason. Be sure to follow the instructions.


Bring thoughts


You will soon have to walk the dog? Better to do it now. If you divert any concerns, it is better to deal with them. Next, you need to focus on work. Everything else you can do after you finish writing. The better you organized and focused more closely, the sooner will come the moment.


Rough Copy


Consider the main thesis


There are several ways to formulate a thesis. One of them is called questioning. To do this, you need to think that you or your readers would like to learn about the questions. Keep it simple and start with simple questions: who, what, why, and the like.


For example, when writing a two-page essay on the topic that interests you, think about who you will read (and what explanations are needed), you need to indicate in the first place and why you are interested in this topic.


Embranchment – another way to the thesis statement. Introduce your topic in a tree. Write down the main idea in the center of the sheet, and then the “branching” of her additional ideas and thoughts.


You can use brainstorming. Start to record everything that you know or need to know about your topic. Do not make any adjustments simply express thoughts on paper. Seeing your ideas, they will begin to take shape. It often helps before writing a formal plan, so you can better understand your subject.


Write the main thesis


Thesis – is the most important part of the work, because it tells the reader that you will argue. In other words, it clearly and concisely explains the thought that you are trying to convey. Your essay will be blurry and too general the absence of a strong thesis. A strong thesis shows that you will use concrete examples to help clarify your thoughts. The thesis of a two-page essays must be precise and narrow.


For example, when writing essays about the sporting life of the universities, weak thesis will look like “Sporting Life of Universities is very contradictory is very contradictory.” It is too vague and does not report your position. The reader can not understand what you’re trying to prove.


Here is an example of a strong thesis to the same theme: “University athletes should receive a monetary reward.” So you represent the considered topic. It is narrow enough that you have time to consider it on two pages.


Expound thoughts on paper


By writing the thesis, which is the “center of gravity”, directing all your work, start to record all the other ideas. Writing a detailed literacy plan significantly speeds up and simplifies the work. The plan – a great way to write down thoughts on paper without worrying about how everything is perfect. The main thing is not to dwell on this point, because your work will evolve and change as you write.


Not necessarily just be a formal plan. Brainstorming or transfer of ideas on the subject of work in any order already give you understand what you will be writing an essay.
After listing the ideas in support of the thesis, you will understand how to structure them properly.


Give specific examples


A good essay consists of an introduction, main text and conclusion. Abstracts are often signals of specific examples, which you will use in the work: “The university athletes should receive monetary compensation, since they earn money for their universities, provide a profit to manufacturers of sporting goods, and are often injured during the competition, which then prevent them from living a full life “.


Not all teachers love or even admit this kind of thesis that is often referred to as “integrated” or “three-level”. However, it is almost always for short tasks such as two-page essays. Not knowing the preferences of teachers, better verify their work before writing.


It is useful to give specific examples in the plan, to know what evidence there is for each item. Also, you can immediately notice any gaps or excesses of the approach chosen. For example, one point is supported by one example, and the second three-point. Better to use roughly the same number of examples for each item, or even turn on the weakest point in another part of the work.


Indicate your sources in the plan


It will save you time when writing work. Familiarize yourself with the requirements for formatting the list of references. If in doubt, you should always specify the information to the teacher.


One of the options – through citation. In this case, you specify a data source in the text works. For example: “Brown does not agree with the statement that Einstein’s theory of relativity is the most important scientific achievement of the twentieth century (292).” Brown – is the name of the author of the book from which the statement is taken, a 292 – page number where you can find this information. There are different versions of citing sources, so pre-think over this part of the work.


Sometimes you need to use footnotes or endnotes. It is not typical for short works, but some teachers can insist on this demand. Footnotes and endnotes contain more complete information about the source. Often, if they replace through the citation, the page with a list of references is not required.


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