How to quickly read a thick newspaper


You bought a thick newspaper and regretted it, frightened of its size? I hope this article will help you quickly read them


Remember that newspapers are written in a special style, very different from the rest


In newspapers, the first place is always who, what, when, where, why and how. All the rest is secondary information, direct speech of witnesses, etc. It is placed later. This is the formula for the success of a journalist.


Start with titles


This is the shortest way to determine what is of interest, and what is not important


After searching for the article you are interested in, read first 1-2 of the first paragraph


If you want, you can view the rest of the text, but as a rule, the first lines contain the essence of the whole story, unless, of course, the article was written by a journalist who writes good .


Read diagonally


Do not try to read every article completely. Usually it’s enough to grasp the basic idea and determine the keywords. Read only those articles that are of great interest or importance to you.


Don’t jump from one page to another too often


Look first at interesting materials on one newspaper distribution, and then turn the page. To go to a page forward, and then backward, trying to find an article of interest to you, fifteen sheets earlier may take too long.




In hurry you can easily distract yourself. This does not mean that you should completely ignore your child, wife or husband when they want to wish you a good morning, but at least do not follow their every move, when they, for example, pour the juice into glasses. When you’ll sit down to read the newspaper quietly, your children, probably will find entertainment




To sit down for a newspaper is best when everything else is done and settled. It’s hard to try to catch the last events of the pre-election race at a time when you did not tie your shoelaces. Newspapers are well read in trains.

If you just need to read the pages of humor, leave them, finally. This will serve as an incentive for you, because quite often the entire newspaper is viewed to reach these pages!

Quickly leaf through the pages and do not get nervous if they do not bend, as you would like. Unevenly folded newspapers are annoying, but this is the last thing to worry about, being late for work.

Most newspapers are written in a very simple language to attract as many audiences as possible.

Do not stay on advertising. Learn to quickly recognize and skip it. Usually advertising is less orderly and does not have a rigid column format inherent in newspaper articles. The advertisement uses a larger and colorful font, as well as many illustrations containing images of products and happy people, while illustrations to articles are less vivid.


How to quickly read a thick newspaper