How to publish a poem


You put soul into your poetry and think that you have something to share with the world, but do not know how to succeed in this. Who publishes poetry, and how to make sure that you have noticed? We will show you several ways to the successful publication of your work.


Traditional Edition


Send out your work in a literary magazine


When dealing with literary publications, you are also in touch with editors, agents, and other poets. For the first time, you can deny, is a kind of ritual in any creative profession, but if you continue to send good poem, they will notice and you will begin to publish.


In order to succeed, you should look for an appropriate publication. Remember that editors are swamped with other work and requests for publication, and if you give them what they need, you will have an advantage over everyone else.


Collect your work


Keep manuscripts, sending your poems, and when you accumulate a considerable amount of work and periodic publications in journals, you can refer to small publishers and university.


Send your work to the Academy of American Poets. Every year they presented the award, which gives the poet an opportunity to publish their first book.


Browse newspapers and magazines, watch for civilian and other national competitive organizations . They often hold literary competition with a variety of awards for the best work.


Placing the work in such publications greatly help you gain recognition.


Separate edition


Find a decent publishing firm


To avoid hassles associated with proposals and refusals, you can publish your poetic work yourself. Companies operating on a “print on demand” such as Lulu and Blurb’s, useful for small circulation publication. The price is usually quite high and not suitable for large orders. Many of these companies are working on the Internet. Some provide the ISBN-number for an additional fee and may be associated with sites such as Amazon. Often these companies are subsidized third-party publishing operations.


Publication on Internet


Use Google search


Enter “The publication of poetry” in the search field and get more than 70 million search results! You caught the sites involved in the publication of poetry, poetic organization, as well as a fraudulent company, who will try to earn on you. To protect yourself, learn information about the company before agreeing to work with.


The Google, as a rule, put the results that have been found in your region in the first place.


Visit reputable websites


Sites such as, provide lists of bookstores, local literary magazines and small publishing houses, as well as tools for finding publishers.




Keep a list of potential markets in Excel or other programs to manage databases on your computer.

Consider the costs of postage and printing fees. If you publish, and you earn money, this amount will be deducted from the profit.

You can also publish their own poems in poetry blogs. Blogs allow you to instantly publish your material and provide commentary readers. In addition, your work can be found online through a search engine.




Beware of fraudulent websites, who say in their honesty, but in fact are intended only to make money on you and your work.


Some publishers may apply in relation to your work constructive criticism, even if not going to buy, or to print a poem. Caution Take their advice and respond politely.


Decide whether you are willing to pay “fees for reading” publishers, who may not publish your work. Most often it is just a scam.


Be careful when you publish your work yourself, or post it on blogs, as many publishers will only accept official work, previously unreleased anywhere. If they find your poem on the Internet, they can refuse you.


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