How to organize notes


Systematic precis can be very convenient to use when preparing for exams. A well-organized note will really help to improve your score, as well as to ensure the preservation of your knowledge.


Follow your curriculum with great care


Quickly browse through each topic of the lesson in your textbook before class.
Compose a list about the questions.


Take notes during a class lesson on separate pieces of paper and fold them into a folder


Write the subject and textbook page in the upper right corner of your marks.
Arrange everything in chronological order according to the progress of your lecture, because one concept is usually based on the other.
Write on the right page of your exercise book and leave the left page for additional notes and thoughts.
Make holes in the sheets of paper, scribbled during class, and insert the paper into your folder with other related materials.


In class pay attention on information obtained, emphasizing the major


Write down what is written on the blackboard.
Make duplicate data entry.
Marks examples.
Ask for clarification, before leaving the classroom.


Create a neat page of notes that are easy to remember


Leave a space between the terms.
Write a description of concepts in own words.
Choose a short, concise and easily memorable phrases.


Use textbooks, dictionaries, internet and other resources


Add important details to reinforce additional information your precis
Organize one more page for notes, if necessary.


Organize your records so that you can remember


Remove the extra information.
Draw a circle, select the text or add a star near the important concepts.
Rewriting summaries help you in remembering.
Create comparison charts and graphs.


Read your highlights just before the exam


Refer to the pages of textbook, the numbers that are listed in the upper right corner of your notes.




– Try to keep your notes clean, otherwise you later will not be able to read the writing.
– Remember to stay neat and organized. In this case, you do not miss anything.
– Always listen to your teacher.
– Follow the advice of your teacher.
– Use signals, words and phrases.
– Stay if necessary after school for extra help.


Things that you’ll need:


– Pencil
– The individual sheets of paper
– Bookbinders
– Marker
– Textbooks


organize notes