How to love learning


This article is intended for both girls and boys. If you have problems with learning, then here are some tips on how to make the process fun and enjoy.


Learn primarily for yourself, and not to pass exams


Most students think they have to learn, otherwise they will not be able to find a job and so on. It should be noted that this is the first false idea. Develop an interest in that you teaching in school. For example, history; This subject can be very fun, if you listen to the teacher carefully and think not only about how to pass the exam.


Go to stationery shop


Buy a big and beautiful notebook with popular expression (or something like that) on the cover, and buy different colored pens, markers, stickers, and other office supplies that you may need! It will also help to motivate yourself.


Clean up your room


Perhaps you have no desire to learn because of clutter in your room. Am i right? In any case, it distracts you. Just make a clean and put things in order on your desktop and bookshelf, spreading it all the necessary materials for study.


Turn off the computer


This also applies to tablet device and mobile phone. Forget about internet. If you spend too much time on social networks, delete your account. Concentrate on your future plans for the life of unrealized dreams.


Many people think that music and study – are not compatible


But we must keep in mind that this is meant to refer to everyone! Create a playlist, which includes songs without words. For example: electronic music, classical or jazz. Here we are talking about instrumental music. Do not listen to music while studying, if you do not do this in front of the playlist, because you will be constantly distracted, choosing the right song.


Put your desktop in a suitable place


If you like simplicity – remove all unnecessary items from the table. In any case, do all how you like. For example, set the board, on which you can glue important teaching materials.


Make sure that when you are learning, the door to your room is closed


Thus, you will not interfere with the noise from other rooms, and you will be able to focus on your studies.


Use different colored pens, stickers and so on


Write down important information on adhesive sheets of paper and glue them in his notebook.


You can eat snacks and drink juice during the study


You don’t need to have a schedule for each day, for example: “13:00 – study of mathematics.” Let your plans include, for example, “2 hours of study in mathematics.” Thus, you will not be bored.


You can learn together with your friends, if it helps to achieve a positive result


You will be better able to motivate yourself, feeling someone’s support. However, if your friends only distracting, then you need to so allocate their time to prosper, and to engage, and entertain.


Have fun!


Studies – does not mean boring pastime. It’s not necessary to make science fiction a hobby. Just every day, try to use your knowledge in everyday life. Learn the name of a flower, the history of your area, and so on. Knowledge – everywhere!




Think about your plans and dreams, focus on them.

Do not put off for later study.

Do not leave on the desktop are many things that will distract you.

Keep clean the room and your desktop.

You can draw pictures in your notebook, which will help develop educational material.

For example: “Human anatomy” – draw and describe the human body systems and organs.

Studies in daylight is much better than in the lamplight. Choose the right lighting for your desktop.

Reward yourself for good results.

Do different exercises: stretching, and others to relax the muscles.

Make didactic cards and together with friends or test your skills!

In the classroom listening to the teacher carefully.


love learning