How to improve your reading skills


Many people have problems with reading. For some, it is very difficult and takes time. Human brain responsible for reading process. When you look at the graphics shown on the page, your brain will automatically detect the familiar patterns, and you understand the whole meaning of what is written. Well-developed reading skills will be useful to you in the future and lifelong. After all, even our school teachers constantly repeated to us: “Read the book!”. Here are a few simple tips to help you get rid of possible difficulties (if present) and maximum ease the reading process.




Find something to read. It can be anything: children’s literature, a newspaper article or a short story, a site on the Internet, and so on..


Words formed from sounds. For starters, you have to learn how to correctly pronounce all the sounds of the alphabet. Some sounds, being combined with each other to form a single letter. These letters need to know and understand the features of their sound. Every single sound is called “phoneme.”


To read, select a place where you can concentrate. It could be your nook or just any quiet place in the house.


Begin reading to view pictures or listen to music. This will help you understand what you are reading.


Start with a title and subtitle. Pay attention to the printing and signs. Maybe they’ve met you before.


Read as much as you can. When you start to feel bored, tired and in need of respite, take a small pause. Reading should bring you pleasure. No need to overcome themselves. After the break, go back and start from the place where you left off.


Re-read the material. It’s okay if some episode you do not fully understand the first time.


Go to the library and pick yourself books that you like. Choose books according to your preferences and regardless of age.


Each page read with great care and attention. Do not hurry. Many people are of the opinion that running through the eyes of the page (so-called “scanning” or “reading diagonally”), they achieve the same effect, but in a short time. Maybe it’s a quick way to read, but not quality.


Use contextual clues and references to find out the value of an unknown word to you. For example, you came across the sentence: “My mother, who is always full of joy and optimism, the exact opposite of my brother’s a pessimist.” Perhaps you would like to know the meaning of “pessimistic”. That’s what contextual clues, of which you know that the word “pessimist” is the opposite of the definition to the word “happy.” The pessimists – a capricious and irritable people who around see only the bad and the expected life of the same. Experienced readers will always use contextual clues. If you find a word that has brought you to a dead end, consult a dictionary. online dictionary.


Re-read! If you do not quite understand what is read, re-read the material again. Try to read aloud for himself. If you still do not understand what they read, ask for advice from your folks or pick a lighter for the perception of literature. Feel free to use your finger as a pointer. It will help your eyes to focus on reading the lines and contributes to a better understanding of information.


Continue reading! In his spare time try to read as much as possible. Reading will not only expand your vocabulary, but also the outlook. People will look at you with different eyes. Enjoy reading!


Try to be focused. Reading in bed reclining, can relax you and you will fall asleep. The maximum amount of information you get only when the correct posture. For example, sitting up straight and keeping your feet on the floor, you will significantly raise its concentration.


Read out loud and loud. At the same time follow the correct pronunciation of each word.
What book are you reading at the moment should be of interest to you.
Сalm down and take a deep breath before you start reading.


Many people do not agree with this statement, but most of the things you need to know, you can find it in the books.


Some people are easier to read in a standing position. You can read while walking or on a treadmill, thereby improving not only the soul but also the body.


improve your reading skills