How to improve your learning through reading


You can not concentrate on reading? A few tips on how to improve performance through reading.


Prepare all materials


If you want to study well not take only one textbook with you. You will need a workbook, pens, pencils and markers. All this will help you concentrate better during read and stop being a passive reader.


Review the material completely once


Read to understand the content. Try to understand the basic idea. Take notes in pencil, when you read something that you think is important, rare or outstanding. You can read by one page if you want


Re-read the material again


At this time, read the information again and make sure that all notes do matter. If it is, highlight them. The page should be allocated no more than 10 rows. Selected items will help you to quickly find the right quotes or phrases when they need you in the future, or in preparation for exams. In this case, you do not have to re-read everything again, will read only the selected rows.


Make notes


Take a notebook and briefly summarize the reading. Try to write your resume more briefly and accurately as possible. You can also make notes that in the future it will be easy to read.


Learn material


You have twice read a passage already and to involve your mind to make the recording, so it should be remembered perfectly. However, over the next 2-3 days should review this material further, make sure that you do not forget anything.


Read the review


After reading the following is the most important step – retelling . For retelling you will receive scores. Be prepared to give a detailed answer to the question: “What do you read,” If you can remember it now, then, and be able to later. The brain works like a muscle, you need to train it, doing the same work over and over again. In the end, you learn to walk before you learned to run. You have learned to speak and learn your native language, again and again repeating the words that you had heard from others.




After you finish your records, imagine that you are a teacher and draw a lesson from an imaginary class. Tell us all you remember and, if necessary, go back and review the material again. It will also help you determine what you have already absorbed, and which requires further study.


If you want to read aloud. Sometimes, listening to your own voice, it is easier to memorize information.
Try to avoid anything that might distract you. It is not necessary read 2 minutes, and next 2 minutes write SMS. It is a 100% focus on reading.


Do not delay the case. If on a certain amount of reading you have a week, start reading now. Do not wait for the end of week, otherwise you will not have time to read everything and are going to be disappointed. Get familiar with the case, and then relax.
If you want to effectively learn, first of all, write notes.


improve your learning