How to endure a long lecture


Involvement in a lecture


Take notes by hand


Writing conspect will help you focus and remain attentive until the end of the session. In addition, so you better remember the lecture material.

Write only the most important information and keep listening while making notes.

Write by hand. This helps a lot of people to better remember information. In addition, such a long lecture will pass faster.


Participate in discussions


Most teachers allow students to ask questions and offer to discuss something. Ask questions that you have had during the lecture, or make comments. This will help you keep your concentration.

During the discussion, raise your hand to ask or object. Don’t interrupt the lecture at the wrong time.


Show interest in the subject


Most likely, this information is still useful to you in the future. Find a way to get involved with a lecture. Link the topic of the lecture with what interests you. So to experience a long lecture will be much easier.

Don’t forget that some topics can be considered within a few disciplines. Remember that you have been told about this topic before, and try to use this information at the lecture.

Ask questions to the teacher and classmates. First, explain your point of view and why you are interested.


Ask to explain the difficult points


Perhaps you find it difficult to understand the material of the lecture, which makes the lecture torture. Scientists have found that most students can learn only 20-40% of the material, because they don’t understand it. If you ask to explain what you do not understand, you will not only transfer the lecture easier, but you will make the material more understandable for yourself and your classmates.

Ask questions during the lecture, if possible. Ask the teacher to clarify what he said or what you read in additional material or in your homework.

Make a list of questions that need clarification, if questions can not be asked during the lecture. This will allow you to keep cheerful until the end of the lecture.

Try not to ask questions to neighbors, as this can interfere with the teacher and other students.


Don’t do several things at once and don’t get distracted


You may want to answer emails and messages or just read. So you will disrespect the teacher and classmates, and time will start to go slower.

Do not try to take a little nap or just close your eyes for a couple of minutes you will quickly fall asleep.


How to endure a long lecture (Part 3)