How to endure a long lecture


Cheerfulness during the lecture


Sit with a straight back


The results of the studies suggest that good posture contributes to the concentration of attention. To not fall asleep at the lecture, straighten your back and watch your posture.

Pull in the abdominal muscles, straighten your back, and take your shoulders back.

Rest your back in the back of the chair, put your feet on the floor.

Keep your head and neck steady.

Don’t fall apart in the chair.


Pull out your legs


In breaks, sip and knead your legs. This will help you cheer up and improve your blood circulation, so that your legs and arms will not fall asleep.

Pull your legs forward, if possible, and stretch your socks.

Rotate your wrists and feet.

Make sure that your movements do not interfere with the rest.


Get the chewing gum or dragee


It will help you feel more cheerful and improve your mood. Chewing gum or dragees will help you endure a long lecture.

Give preference to an chewing gum or dragee with mint. The smell of mint essential oil or chewing gum with mint helps you better remember information.


Have a snack


If the lecture is long, it is likely to coincide with the time of eating. A light snack during the lesson will help you stay alert, allowing time to move faster.

Eat cheese, drying, fruits

Take care not to interfere with other sounds of unfolding packaging or chewing.


Draw the scribbles


Scientists have found that drawing scribbles or any other creative activity (for example, working with clay or plasticine) can help focus attention. Try drawing small lines or kneading something on the table or in your hands. So the lecture will be faster.

Try not to pay all your attention to these, otherwise you will not listen to important information.

Don’t interfere with your actions classmates and the teacher.


Take a short break


Most teachers allow their students to make small pauses during long lectures. Shake your legs to improve circulation. You will notice that time will pass faster, and you will become more attentive.

Walk a little. This will distract you from the lecture, allow you to stretch your legs and saturate your brain with oxygen. In addition, so you can relax.

If the teacher does not allow pauses, go to the toilet. At least you can pull the muscles and distract yourself.


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