How to endure a long lecture


Many people have to attend long lectures at school or at work. However, the human brain and body are not adapted for prolonged sitting, and the concentration is rapidly disrupted. Colds, insomnia or boring stuff can make the lecture unbearable. If you are prepared physically and psychologically, you will follow your physical condition (for example, stretching your legs every few minutes), you will be able to survive a long lecture.


Preparing for the lecture


Review the lesson plan


Many teachers have lecture plans that help listeners understand what the requirements and tasks will be. Review the plan of the lecture before each lesson to know what to expect, and to be able to prepare in advance.

Review all assignments for each lecture. So it will be easier for you to understand the material.

Talk to friends or teacher if you have questions on the plan for the next lecture.


Read all the necessary material


Often teachers are asked to read something for the next lecture. Do these tasks – this will help you understand the essence of the material. This will also allow you to participate in discussions, so that it will be easier to survive the lecture.

Take notes while reading. So it will be easier for you to participate in the discussions and focus on the material. It may be enough to record only the most important information.

If you come to the lecture prepared, it will be easier for you to sit out until the end.


In order not to fall asleep, eat and drink


If your body and brain are getting the right nutrition, it will be easier for you to stay awake. A light snack and a small amount of liquid will be enough for successful work at the lecture.

Don’t eat tightly before the lecture, as the blood stops pouring into the brain and rushes to the stomach, which makes you feel drowsy. Eat soup or salad with meat, muesli with milk or toast with peanut butter. Such food will give you the energy you need and will not cause drowsiness.

Drink the required amount of liquid before the lecture. One of the symptoms of dehydration is fatigue, so if you drink enough water in advance, it will be easier for you to endure a lecture.

Remember that drinking alcohol in the evening of the previous day can cause dehydration.

Drink a cup of tea or coffee before the lecture, if you want, but remember that there is no evidence that this increases the concentration of attention.

Buy a mint chewing gum or dragee. Scientists have found that mint chewing gum or dragees contribute to concentration of attention and improve the ability to absorb material.

Refuse energy drinks and drinks with a high sugar content. For some time you will become more energetic, but after this a decline of strength will occur, drowsiness will increase, because of which a long lecture will seem endless.


Wear comfortable clothing


If you feel uncomfortable, a long lecture will become a torture. Comfortable clothes and shoes will help you settle down and listen carefully.

Give up tight pants and skirts. For example, skinny jeans can “lull” your legs.

Train comfortable shoes. Too tight shoes will distract you from the lecture. If you walk all day on stiletto heels, your legs will get tired and hurt, which will also prevent you from thinking about the lecture. It is better to choose simple ballet flats.

Remember that clothes can be fashionable and comfortable at the same time.


Before the lecture, talk to a friend or classmate


If your friend will also attend the lecture, the time will pass quickly. Communicate with him before the lecture, and then sit next to him.

A friend will instantly save you from boredom. But don’t interfere with the teacher and other students.


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